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February 7, 2013

Dear Sabrina…

While at the What’s Next Tour with Justin & Mary several weeks ago, Mary talked about fear and how so many of us – regardless of what we do – let fear stand in our way of dreams.  And we let the But I… take the place of us doing something.  But I just started out.  But I just graduated from college.  But I don’t have the experience.  But I’m afraid they will say no.

And I thought of how many times I’ve done that myself.  How many times have I found myself frozen, paralyzed because I was too scared to move forward and take action?  And then I began to wonder what kinds of things I’ve missed out on because I was too afraid.  And I think that’s what scared me more than anything!  I don’t want to sit still any longer!  I don’t want to let fear replace my hope and my faith.  If fear replaces my hope and my faith then what I have to look forward to is a lot more bleak and a lot less exciting than it otherwise could be.  Yes, I’m going to hear people say no.  But that’s where we learn and grow and work harder to make all of this more worth it!

So what do we do with this…?  We kick fear in the face!  We find a community of people that can love us, encourage us, and help us through those moments and times when we can’t seem to get past the fear.  But first… first we have to give ourselves permission.  Permission to dream, to hope, to move forward.  And permission to not use those But I’s to stand in our way.

So, here it goes.  I’m giving myself permission…

Dear Sabrina,

It’s time.  It’s time you told fear to step off and move out of the way.  You have taken some risks along the way and those times have helped make the next step that much easier.  So keep doing that!  Keep working hard, keep striving, keep asking question, keep looking for open doors, and keep fighting for this thing that you love to do!  I’m officially giving you permission.  Permission to take a chance.  Permission to take a leap of faith.  Permission to take a few moments to regroup when rejection stares you in the face.  And permission to come back stronger after that rejection.  I’m giving you permission to dream BIG dreams.  Permission to dream the impossible and then work really hard and see that dream to the end.  It’s time to stop letting fear get the better of you and to focus on where you’ve come from, what God has done for you, and to look forward to where He’s taking you.  

I’m giving you – myself – permission to keep chasing this dream you’ve had for so long and to not give up.  It’s going to be worth it.  It already IS worth it!

Looking excitedly into the future,

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