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July 17, 2012

Marianne + David | Greenville Wedding Photographer

Have you ever met someone who seems to brighten the room just by walking into it?  They’re someone who has a smile and a hug for everyone and no matter how horrible, no good, and rotten your day has been, they can walk up to you, give you a smile and a hug and your day is all of a sudden, 100% better.  Marianne is one of those people.  She is so genuine and caring that I feel like she never meets a stranger.

David and Marianne met several years ago when they were in the same community group at church. The other ladies asked her at one point what she thought about David and she replied that she hardly knew him!  But, when they both left one evening, around the same time, to go to the same party… well, it was just a “coincidence”.  Time went by and they did get to know each other, and they fell in love in the process.  But these two were falling in love for the second time because their first love is Christ, which is so evident in all that they say and do.  Some of their relationship was spent on opposite sides of the world as David served in Moldova with the Peace Corp and Marianne served in Bogota, Colombia in South America as a teacher.  Their foundation was based not only on friendship but mainly their faith.

Being a part of these two becoming husband and wife was such an incredible honor.  Surrounded by so much love from so many family and friends, there weren’t many dry eyes as Marianne and David promised to love and support and serve each other as they love and serve the Lord… this time though, they’ll always be serving together.

Marianne and David, I hope your honeymoon in Mexico was amazing!  Thank you for allowing me to capture your day… enjoy some of my favorites!

This has been my most favorite dress to photograph yet.  If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s just like my own!

Marianne, the detail on your ring is GORgeous!

I love it when a couple decides to do a First Look.

Not only did we have so much time for portraits, but they were able to spend so much of their wedding day together!

It was blazing hot.  But these two were incredible!  And totally up for anything.

Marianne!  Girl… you are SO stunning!

Downtown Greenville is one of my favorite places.  And since these two were getting married downtown, they wanted to capture downtown.
And who doesn’t love seeing a bride walking down Main Street??

You remember how I said Marianne and David were troopers with the heat?  Well, this wedding party also deserves an award.  They were amazing!

I just love love love this picture.  Marianne and David’s smiles speak volumes of how much they adore each other.

Cover model material.  All of you.  See you guys?  I wasn’t lying!

I LOVED these dresses!!

And the flowers that were on each dress?  They make my heart skip a beat.

I think they were both holding back tears as Marianne walked down the aisle.

I will never tire of photographing this church.

These next three images are so great!

And they’re MARRIED!!

When I talked to Marianne’s sister, Amy, just a couple of days before the wedding, they were all at the Dutch Barn in Greer, SC decorating for the reception.
She said I would love it and that it was a photographer’s dream… well, she was SO right!

And they did such an incredible job with all of the details!!

A summer in Marianne’s state of South Carolina calls for strawberry jam…

And with David being from Michigan, there was some cherry jam to represent his state!

How incredible is this?!?  The “Merriment” consisted of cornhole to play and hay bales to sit on.  So much fun!

Remember how amazing I said Marianne and David were?
Not only did they ventured outside around sunset for MORE portraits, but they climbed through weeds and briars to get them!


You guys are amazing.  Thank you for trusting me and some of my crazy ideas!

  1. So stunning… so beautiful… so perfect… is all I can say while pressing the button down!!

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