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May 1, 2014

Ashley + James | Duncan Estate | Spartanburg Wedding Photographer

The big house was quiet when we entered.  But as I headed up the stairs, I could hear music and chatter from the room where the girls were getting ready.  There was SO much excitement as the bridesmaids got ready!  But in the midst of it all, Ashley sat getting her hair and makeup done while she penned a letter to her groom.  And it was as if that little corner of the room stood still.

Ashley and James met in 4 year old kindergarten in the midst of a performance.  They were reciting the alphabet and James had the letter C, “C, like cat!  Meow!”  And Ashley had D, “D, like dog! Woof!”  Then she sat down next to James and giggled.  She had her first crush.

After she dressed in one of the most beautiful gowns and made her way downstairs to see her groom, all of the emotions from grade school, middle school, high school, attending different colleges, and then finding jobs… it all flooded over her at once.  They’d spent so much of their lives together, but today was the day they would finally become husband and wife and from here on out be able to spend each and every day by one another’s side.  And she just couldn’t hold back the tears of joy.

Ashley and James… You guys are two of the sweetest and most genuine souls I’ve ever met and spending your wedding day with you made my heart grow and love even more than I thought possible.  I hope your first week of being husband and wife is even better than you imagined, but that it only continues to get better from here!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-101 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-102

I just love this house and the light it lets in…

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-103 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-104 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-105 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-106 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-107

The garter on the left was a gift and the blue one on the right is one that James caught at a wedding. The same wedding where Ashley caught the bouquet!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-108 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-109 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-110 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-111 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-112 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-113 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-114 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-115

Her mom’s dress was THE perfect compliment to Ashley’s lace wedding dress!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-116 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-117 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-118 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-119 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-120 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-121

Ben caught this of the girls as Ashley walked down to see James for their First Look.  I love it!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-122 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-123 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-124 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-125 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-126

Ah!  How cute is this??

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-127 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-128 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-129 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-130 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-131 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-132 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-134 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-135 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-136 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-137 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-138 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-139 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-140 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-141 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-142 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-143 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-144 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-145 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-146 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-147

We had an amazing weekend of wedding parties!  These guys and girls were so great!


And those colors!!


This is a favorite for sure!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-150 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-151 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-152 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-153 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-154 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-155 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-156 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-157 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-158 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-159 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-160 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-161 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-162 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-163

 As the wedding party gathered around Ashley and James to pray, I had to not think too much about it too much otherwise I would have been in tears!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-164 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-165 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-166 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-167


Backyard-Spring-Wedding-168 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-169 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-170 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-171

Cutest toasting glasses ever!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-172 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-173 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-174 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-175 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-176

I love that they used the front of the house and the balcony for their introductions.  Perfect spot!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-177 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-178 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-179 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-180 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-181 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-182 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-183 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-184

Pop had  us laughing, but almost had me in tears talking about his sweet relationship with James…


And look at Grandma’s proud smile!  Love her!


Kayla’s toast DID bring us to tears.  So sweet!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-187 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-188 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-189 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-190 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-191 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-192 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-193

We snuck away from the reception for a few more portraits…

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-194 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-195

And this one spot alone made them all worth it!!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-196 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-197 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-198 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-199 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-200

As we went back to the dance floor, we got back just in time to catch Kristen and her husband with some of their fancy dance moves!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-201 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-202 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-203 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-204

Ashley’s grandparents were dancing and we found out they’d been dancing together for 65 years!!

Backyard-Spring-Wedding-205 Backyard-Spring-Wedding-206

Congrats, you guys!


So many thanks to such an amazing team for Ashley & James’s wedding day:

Ceremony & Reception | Duncan Estate
Wedding Coordinator | Vicky Long
Wedding Dress | Wedding Inspirations, Essence of Australia
Bridesmaids Dresses | Ann Taylor Weddings
Groomsmen’s Suits | Jos A Banks
Hair & Makeup | Kristen Mathias
Florals | Angie Lowe
Wedding Invitations | Hobby Lobby
Videography | Darrell Cothran
Cake | Cindy Moore
Catering | Homes Catering

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