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September 29, 2014

Erin | Class of 2015 | Riverside High School

This girl… She’s actually the younger sister of one of my former high school girls (who, by the way, is a junior in college this year!!) and she is a gem!  We had so much fun wandering through downtown Greenville, running into all kinds of people, watching some of them break a banister at a restaurant, munching on some chocolate treats in between locations, and me lamenting over her style and how she needs to give me some lessons!

She’s been playing volleyball for years now and is so talented, but is still waiting to figure out which school will be the best fit and if volleyball will be a part of her college career or not.  But it did my heart good to hear her say that she’s actually fine with or without it.  She’s just excited about the college experience one way or the other and with a heart like hers and a smile as bright as it is, I have NO doubt that she will do amazingly well with whatever direction she ends up going!

high-school-senior-photos-2015-101 high-school-senior-photos-2015-102 high-school-senior-photos-2015-103

There’s this one piece of Greenville that reminds me of Charleston… and I love it!



Did I not tell you her smile is amazing??

high-school-senior-photos-2015-105 high-school-senior-photos-2015-106 high-school-senior-photos-2015-107 high-school-senior-photos-2015-108

I feel like she stepped off the pages of a magazine.  Seriously gorgeous, Erin!


And don’t get me started on this dress… LOVE it!


Just stunning.

high-school-senior-photos-2015-111 high-school-senior-photos-2015-112

The one on the right is a definite favorite…

high-school-senior-photos-2015-113 high-school-senior-photos-2015-114 high-school-senior-photos-2015-115 high-school-senior-photos-2015-116 high-school-senior-photos-2015-117

Ok, call me crazy, but this one makes me think of the 1970’s… the dress, her long beautiful hair, the black and white…

high-school-senior-photos-2015-118 high-school-senior-photos-2015-119 high-school-senior-photos-2015-120

She had claimed she couldn’t do the model/serious face well, but girl… I think you nailed it!


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