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Fabulous Friday

April 29, 2016

Fabulous Friday | Millstone at Adam’s Pond

I usually give my friends that live in Columbia, SC a hard time because in the middle of the city is that “other college” in the state (Clemson and the University of South Carolina are HUGE rivals) and it’s a LOT of concrete.  In my head, I know there are places outside the city that have trees and grass and such, but I was still surprised and excited to find this spot not too far from the city!

One of our couples is getting married at Adam’s Pond in May and I knew it would be beautiful, but photos just don’t do it all justice!!  However, we tried our hand at it with Charlotte’s bridals and I can’t wait to photograph her here with her groom soon!


The best part is that this place has SO many nooks and crannies that they are going to come away with so many portraits that make it look like we went all over the place, when in reality, we won’t have to walk farther than several hundred feet!  I know this house below looks incredibly run down, overgrown and abandoned, but holy cow, there’s so much we can do with it on a wedding day :-)  I can’t wait!


And finally, the winner of yesterday’s giveaway is… Stacy Davis!!

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