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Fabulous Friday

January 22, 2016

Fabulous Friday | Snow Day!

Most of you are laughing at us down here in the south about our “snow day”.  But I’m laughing about it because while our measly 1-2 inches of snow/ice is minuscule compared to the 1-3 feet that some parts of the country will get this weekend, it’s just enough for us to enjoy it, get a day that we’re stuck inside and all the prettiness without the days or weeks of it sticking around.  Because once those temperatures climb above 32°F, it all disappears!  And that is plenty for me.

After being gone last weekend and most of this week, I’m turning on Gilmore Girls, staying in PJs and catching up on work in the glow of the Christmas tree (which we haven’t had time to take down yet).  And maybe later we’ll bundle Catherine up and take her outside for the second snow day she’s had in her life!


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