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Fabulous Friday

March 1, 2013

Fabulous Friday | United 2013

Yesterday we woke up with the sound of the Pacific crashing just a short walk from our room and this morning, we woke up in our own warm and familiar bed.  I’m not sure that I yet have words to describe what this week was for me.  There were some incredible speakers – mostly photographers, but some not – some holy-cow-I-can’t-believe-we’re-having-this-for-lunch kind of food (YUM!), several wonderful conversations with old and new friends, and time doing what we loved TOGETHER.

Of all the pictures from the week, this is my favorite.

I think that’s what was best about this week…. not that I was able to go to a 4 day photography conference and my husband was able to tag along, but that after less than a day, he began to own it too.  I love that it’s OUR thing, that we do this TOGETHER, and that we love working together.  Several photographers that have been doing this as a husband and wife team for a while now spoke about being intentional with their time and writing down core values so that their marriages and their families are protected.  Our businesses could be taken away tomorrow and it won’t matter how many high-end weddings had been shot or how much travel and speaking engagements had been accomplished, what will matter is that our marriage is still strong and that our (future) children know how important and loved they are.  So, being able to hear that on this end of our business and before kids begin to make an appearance was invaluable.

We are so thankful for this industry and I’m beyond blessed for the direction and encouragement I’ve received from those who have been doing this way longer than I have.  It would have been so easy for anyone at anytime to tell me to give up and walk away because this is such a hard business… or that there’s no room for newbies to jump in.  And my hope is that I can turn around and give that same encouragement, that our marriage is an encouragement, and that if I ever start looking at photography as something I’m doing for myself, that I’ll get a swift kick in the pants and realize that I’m doing this for the people IN the photographs.  Yes, I love what I do and I love that I get to work in my PJs some days (woot!). But, ultimately, it’s not about me.  It’s about creating memories and capturing emotions and freezing time for those that I have the privilege to photograph.

Dave and Brittany in the photo above are SO incredibly sweet and after getting the chance to sit next to them at dinner one night, we were so excited that they were the models for our yacht shoot.  They’re only dating right now, but I’m sure once they get engaged, they’ll have about 200 photographers more than willing to photograph their big day!  Can’t wait to share more of this session next week :-)

Thank you all… for reading this blog, for being my cheerleaders, for being willing to step in front of my camera.  YOU are the reason I get to do this!!

  1. Jodi says:

    Looks like such a fun time! Glad you and Ben were able to do this together!

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