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November 7, 2012

Fall Mini Sessions | The Thompsons

I still remember walking over to Diana’s apartment in Lightsey 2 to say YES! to rooming with her the following year (my super-senior year) in an off-campus apartment.  And because I’m over 30, I feel like I get to say things like, “I can’t believe that was so long ago!” and stuff like, “College feels like eons ago!” which only means that I am, in fact, getting old.  But I’m really ok with that!  If we weren’t getting older, if we weren’t continuously learning, if we weren’t always meeting new people and building relationships, life would be boring!  Besides, I’ve learned a lot and grown SO much since graduating from Clemson that it’s hard to think what life would be like had those lessons not happened.  Plus, Diana and Will wouldn’t have gotten married and had such cute kids for me to love on and photograph!  I mean, will you look at this cuteness!

The only thing that stinks about our friendship is that these guys live on the coast, about 5 hours away.  But, luckily because of technology like Facebook we’re able to keep up with each other so that when we DO get to hang out, it’s like we haven’t missed a beat.

Will, Diana, Wyatt and Ruthie… it was so great to see you guys!  And Ruthie, I’m so sorry your molars were being so mean by coming in and hurting you.  Hopefully next time I get to see you they won’t be such a bother ;-)

Mommy and Daddy kisses!

Ruthie, you’re precious!

Wyatt’s dad likes to climb.  Wyatt’s uncle likes to climb.  So it only makes sense that Wyatt likes to climb… anything!

Some might think it cruel, but I love that Diana is laughing during one of Ruthie’s moments!  Poor thing, she was in so much pain :-(

Oh my word, this picture still gets me.  Wyatt is SO sweet and gentle with her!

Diana (and Will) were both in need of some head shots, so we got those in too.
Diana… girl, you are stunning!

Love this!

I don’t know that I’ve taken pictures of just the two of them since their engagement pictures (my first ever e-session) back in 2003 (or was it 2004?)!

And I think this one is my favorite :-)


Ever since I first took pictures of Wyatt, we’ve gotten pictures of his shoes.  So of course we had to add Ruthie in this time.

Thank you guys for such a fun session!  Love you!

  1. I LOVE these so much!!!! Thank you so much Sabrina (and thanks for posting them when you are on VACATION… go play!!!). And for the record, it was early 2003. Our 9 year anniversary is next month! (WHAT?!?!)

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