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September 21, 2012

Fall Mini Sessions!

I’m super excited about these sessions… 1) I love the fall, 2) it means my birthday is close and 3) mini albums come with these mini sessions!!  They’re just perfect!

Obviously, I love pictures.  But I’m as guilty as everyone else for leaving most of my pictures on my computer and not having them printed.  But… I’m working on that.  Even though I haven’t finished editing our wedding pictures (I know, I know… I’m getting there :-) ), we do at least have some of those printed and hanging in the house!  So, I’m hoping that these mini sessions and getting your hands on these mini albums will help with moving all of us towards getting our pictures off of our computers!  Who’s with me??

Can you tell I’m excited?  And I haven’t even had any coffee or caffeine today.

So… below are all the details (including some pictures of the mini albums).  Locations are totally up to you!  Although, either Friday Oct 19 or Saturday Oct 20 I’ll be in Clemson in the morning and would love to meet some of you there!  If there’s enough interest, I’ll be there both mornings!  So, send me an email or a message though the contact form above.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Several colors are available… not just blue and brown!

Are they not just the cutest??

They also come with super cute covers to keep them in to protect them.  No idea why I didn’t photograph those!

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