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May 30, 2012

Families | Downtown Greer

It still makes me laugh that even though we only lived 20 minutes apart and both went to church in Greenville, Ben and I had no friends in common when we first met.  It’s just so rare that that happens!  So, we decided to see if there was a couple at church (that neither of us knew) who would be willing to meet with us. We didn’t have any real agenda in mind, but we wanted to have a couple that we both knew equally.  And the blessing that Kevin and Gretchen have been is beyond what we could have asked for.  Many late nights were spent at their house after we got engaged because we just enjoyed talking!  One of the nights that we were over there before the wedding, we got onto the subject of family pictures and how since having their little girl, they didn’t have a lot of pictures that included her!  So, once the holidays went by and it got a little warmer, we met in downtown Greer to change that.

Thank you guys for not just opening your home to us over the past year, but for opening your lives to us and being so willing to walk alongside us as Ben and I started our lives together.  We love you guys!

This might be my favorite picture of all… because this is what a house of 3 boys is like! And Gretchen takes it all in stride :-)


Since their baby girl only just turned 2 she was usually in bed when we would get to their house.  So, it took her a little bit to warm up to me.


My favorite thing about these next four pictures of the kids is that you can see their personalities jumping out of the images :-)


And this one? Well, it melts my heart.

And this one?  It cracks me up!


And these two…??? Holy tamoly!


#1 – Y’all are smokin’!
#2 – When did y’all learn to model??
#3 – Your love for each other is nothing short of inspiring

I know this was the sneak peek but I just had to include it again :-)  I love it!

After wandering in downtown Greer, we found some grass and trees and finished up with some gorgeous light.

The girls…

The boys…


I love this one of the guys!


I expect we’ll see this one again at her rehearsal dinner :-)


Oh goodness… these boys LOVE their mamma!

I feel like I could say thank you a million times and it would never be enough.  We love you guys a ton and are so thankful for your precious family!

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