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January 21, 2014

Families | The Collogans

We Americans (us Americans?) like to plan.  And plan a lot!  But some of that comes from how things in nature have their own time table that we’ve grown accustomed to… like when the seasons are “supposed” to change or that a baby is “supposed” to stay in her mother’s womb for those full 40 weeks.  But sometimes most of the time we can’t help or control any of this.  Miss Della is one such example.  This sweet little peanut decided she wanted to come 4 weeks early, surprising all of us!  Nora tried to convince her daughter to wait a little longer because she had seen that I was out of town over the weekend, but Della didn’t seem to care what the photographer’s schedule was ;-)  She and God had plans of their own!  So instead of newborn photos in the hospital, we did newborn photos at home.

Della arrived healthy and full of life and barely weighing 5lbs and measuring 18.5 inches long.  By the time I was able to go to their house to get some photos of her, she was about 4lbs and 13oz. (but is gaining it back!) and is just the smallest and sweetest bundle of joy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Nora and Chris… even in the midst of the chaos and her early arrival and so little sleep, it was beautiful to watch you both with her.  You guys are so in love and it seems as though this little one has only grown that love stronger. She will benefit so much from seeing that love you guys have for each other!  God is going to do such amazing and wonderful things through your sweet family and I’m so blessed to be able to watch how He works.

Thank you for letting me photograph your new little family!

Right now she’s feeding well, but is getting some food supplemented through this tiny little tube that they taped around Chris’s finger while Nora gave her milk through a syringe.

It was beautiful and fascinating to watch.

Y’all are just adorable…

Della is obviously small, but when Nora pulled her up close to her, she just looked TINY.

Nora, you are so beautiful and being a mom looks so good on you!

Be still my heart…

Chris is already so good with her… and makes her look as tiny as she really is!

I’ll end on this precious image…

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