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June 19, 2013

Families | The Fowlers

You know how there are some people in your life that when you think about them you’re flooded with joy?  The impact they’ve had on you, the things they’ve helped you with, the tears they’ve let you cry, the journey you’ve been on together is all so deep that words never really seem to fit how you feel about them?

That’s what Sara and Stephen are for me.  I’ve only known them for just over 8 years, but because of the seasons of life I walked through with them, it seems as though it’s been at least twice that.  They started out simply as my community group leaders when Sara had just had Sydney (their full of life and hilarious younger daughter).  And had I known what all we would walk through together and as a community group over those 7 years, I don’t know that I would have signed up.  But living life in community?  I would NEVER have it any other way.  And when you have a couple that isn’t just strong in their faith but who is real about their life, struggles with marriage, kids, and all kinds of things, well… let’s just say that living life with people like this has helped shape and prepare me for marriage and for when God decides to bless Ben and me with children.

I can’t imagine life without the Fowlers.  And even though we’ve changed community groups and don’t see them as much, they would be there in half a heartbeat whether we were celebrating something or struggling.  And the best part is that it goes both ways.

Thank you guys for being… you.  For being faithful, wonderful, caring, supportive, and giving it to me straight when I needed to hear it.  And thank you for letting me capture your family.  Taking these photos (along with half the bug population in Greenville) and seeing the final result on my screen – of all of you smiling or making goofy faces – makes ME smile.

Love y’all :-)

Brody turned 5 this year so we tried starting with getting his 5-year-old portrait.  By the second click of my shutter we decided to wait a bit on that one!

Oh Brody… WHAT are they going to do with you??

I’m not sure when Sara and Stephen last had photos of just them so while Abby took a nap and Brody and Sydney played chase, I let these two have their own moments.

Get it, Sara….

If you know this family, you’re going to find this hilarious…
I told them all not to smile (in hopes of getting actual smiles).  Well, the two “rule followers” on the left clearly were not following the instructions…!

These next several are going to melt your heart…

SUCH beautiful girls!

Be. Still. My. Heart…

The rest of these are our Take 2 with Brody… and Take 3 and Take 4…

He seriously could give Jim Carey a run for his money.

And I’ll end with these because the one on the left is THE most adorable.  And the one on the right might be the most soulful (and still) I’ve ever seen this little boy.  Wow.

  1. Kelley says:

    Great pics of an awesome family. Brody included :-)
    Love the b/w of Stephen and Sara and the one of them all running.

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