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May 7, 2013

Fighting Laziness

One of my favorite things to do is curl up on the couch with a good book and read until my eyes can’t take anymore.  But I can’t seem to make myself open a non-fiction book like I can when there’s a made-up story option available.  I like to blame it on my creative mind (as I easily ignore the “engineering side of my brain” that obviously can handle the non-fiction stuff).  But what I’ve come to realize is that it’s part of this laziness that so easily creeps in.  Sometimes there are things that need to be done, that I actually WANT to do but I can’t pull myself together to get them done.  And I’m SO GOOD at justifying, well… just about anything.  “Those dishes have been in the sink for 10 minutes… they really need to be washed RIGHT NOW.”   “I haven’t checked in on my favorite blogs yet today… I need to do that RIGHT NOW!”  “What?  We need to leave in 5 minutes?  Let me just fold this huge pile of laundry really fast.”

Ok, that last one was a stretch.  Folding laundry is so not going to take priority over leaving the house on time!

It might also have to do with my absurd talent of procrastination.  Like how I wasn’t sure what to write next and got up to get a cookie and then catch up on one of my favorite blogs.

Ahem… my immaculate mixture of laziness and procrastination are in harmony this morning, which means I have to fight for today.  I have to fight to get things done, I have to fight to not let laziness get the better of me, and I have to fight for today to be a win!  Not every day will be a win, but I’m determined to make this one of those days.

And I may spend a minute or two dreaming I’m here before I get started on that battle… just a few more minutes of procrastination won’t hurt…

Fripp Island Dream Location

Now, I realize I’m the only one that struggles with this, but if you have any advice/suggestions/ideas to fighting laziness, I’m all ears!

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