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November 4, 2014

Jillian + Derek | A Furman University Fall Engagement Session

I LOVED getting to hang out with these two for their engagement session… It was a perfect day with perfect fall colors on the campus where she went to school and he asked her to be his wife! When Jillian and I first met about their wedding, we spent almost two hours talking and catching up.

I’ve actually known her for several years but haven’t seen her in ages!  So, as I watched this guy come into her life through the lens of social media, I couldn’t help but think that Derek a) was an amazing guy and b) he had fallen hard for Jillian!  And when I met him in person, all of that was confirmed.  He adores her and they make the most adorable couple!

And I can’t keep this from you guys either because their story is SO similar to ours!  First, they met online like we did.  Second, their first “unofficial” date was at Starbucks like ours was.  Third, he proposed on their 10 month anniversary like Ben did!

After 10 months since their first date, Derek asked her if she’d like to have a picnic at Furman to celebrate.  She was excited about their date but was also trying to not get her hopes up for anything.  After telling him a million stories about her time in college, they went for a walk around the lake when she asked if they could go by the bell tower before leaving campus.  What she didn’t know was that was exactly what Derek had been planning.

So as they walked over the bricks leading to the tower, he spoke words to her that she’ll never forget ending with asking her to be his wife.  The best part was that he had one more surprise up his sleeve… both of their families were waiting at his mom’s house to surprise and celebrate with them! Thank you both, so much, for allowing me to capture this really exciting time!  I can’t wait for your wedding in April!!

furman-fall-engagement-photos-101 furman-fall-engagement-photos-102

Nothing beats fall colors… the trees were amazing and the light was incredible!

furman-fall-engagement-photos-103 furman-fall-engagement-photos-104 furman-fall-engagement-photos-105 furman-fall-engagement-photos-106 furman-fall-engagement-photos-107

She is so in love with this man… that smile hardly ever leaves her face these days!

furman-fall-engagement-photos-108 furman-fall-engagement-photos-109 furman-fall-engagement-photos-111

A favorite for sure!

furman-fall-engagement-photos-112 furman-fall-engagement-photos-113 furman-fall-engagement-photos-114 furman-fall-engagement-photos-115 furman-fall-engagement-photos-116 furman-fall-engagement-photos-117 furman-fall-engagement-photos-118 furman-fall-engagement-photos-119

Oh but this one is a favorite too!  That tree was to die for!

furman-fall-engagement-photos-120 furman-fall-engagement-photos-121 furman-fall-engagement-photos-122

Derek, her ring is GORGEOUS!


I really could have photographed these two in this light and beside these trees all.day.long.

furman-fall-engagement-photos-124 furman-fall-engagement-photos-125 furman-fall-engagement-photos-126 furman-fall-engagement-photos-127 furman-fall-engagement-photos-128

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