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March 5, 2013

Getting to United

This trip was amazing.  And I know I’ve already talked about it some, so I’ll try to stick to the topic at hand for this post, but wow.  I’m still overwhelmed by how much the 4 days at United meant to us.  We have this community of photographers online who are all about this idea of serving… serving our clients, serving each other, serving others… and it’s encouraging to see how not only has everyone grasped that idea and are doing it, but that it’s changing their businesses and their lives.  So many people have poured into me over the years in so many ways, especially with photography.  Yes, I’ve run into some who like to keep their craft close to themselves, but there have been so many more who have been a complete open book about how they do things and helping me learn to do what I do.  And I want to do the same!!  So please… if you EVER have any questions, let me know!!  I love doing what I do and if I can help someone else find what they love and get better at it, then I feel like that’s a huge win for both of us!

We left Greenville over a week ago with cold and rainy weather.  And to say that the California sunshine was a welcomed feature of flying to the west coast, well, that would be a HUGE understatement!

I was SO excited about the train ride from LA to Santa Barbara!  It had been since 2004 (?) since I’d been on a train.  And that was in Europe!

Forgive me for saying this for the 1 millionth time, but I’m SO thankful my handsome husband was able to come with me!!

It was such a gorgeous ride along the coast!

Part of me sort of wants to be in one of those RVs right now… until I really think about it and realize I’m more of a hotel kind of girl ;-)

Our first night there, we stayed at the Coast Village Inn (super cute hotel!) and went for breakfast at Jeannine’s the next morning.  SO worth it.

And then we went skydiving!  Just kidding!  We decided to rent a car for the day to explore and we saw these guys on our way up the mountains.

It still blows my mind that we were driving IN the MOUNTAINS but could see the OCEAN!!  How is that even possible??

Y’all, if you ever – and I mean ever – have a chance to visit Sunstone Winery, you will not regret it.  It’s SO beautiful there! They have weddings here almost every weekend between February and November.  One was being set up while we were there and two other brides came through too.  So, my newest dream is to shoot a wedding at a vineyard!  But maybe I’ll be able to wait until everything is in bloom.

Every corner is beautiful… it was like a mix of being in France, Spain and Italy while not setting foot outside of the states.

These dipping sauces?  Amazing! (you can purchase them on their website!!)  I know Chocolate Balsamic sounds odd, but it’s SO yummy!

I think I may have asked Ben to pinch me around the time I took this picture… it was like a dream!

Even in the off season, the vines are beautiful.

So, we were making our trip back to Santa Barbara and drove by this field with a lot of animals in it.  Ben looked over and realized they were ostriches.  What??  Really??  Just hanging out in a field on the side of the road??  I said I’d never seen an ostrich before, so he turned around and we stopped at Ostrich Land for a while!  This may have been THE most random thing I’ve done in a really long time, but it was SO much fun.  YOLO for sure (You Only Live Once).

They also had emus so I fed them while Ben fed the ostriches.

Do you see them??  Can you imagine driving by these every day??

On our way back down the coast we had to stop for a bit.  What fun is exploring if you don’t stop to explore?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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