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June 3, 2014

Kristi + Davis | Grace Church Downtown|Hyatt Regency Downtown Greenville

All of the girls had either known Kristi since childhood, or had met her in college.  But all of them had become friends over the years so it seemed to an outsider that they’d known each other forever.

The guys were… well, they were guys.  Cutting up, laughing, and joking with Davis like only guys can.

The thing that was most evident on Kristi and Davis’s wedding day was that they were loved.  There was so much laughter, so many tight hugs, and so many well wishes that it was impossible to keep count.  But it was a blessing to be a part of all of this, of a day that was solely about them, and to document their first day as husband and wife!

Kristi and Davis, thank you SO much for allowing us to spend the day with you!  I’ve loved running into you at church and downtown and I can’t wait for one of those moments when you’re back from your tropical honeymoon!

The day began with preparations at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville.  elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-101 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-102 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-103 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-104 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-105 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-106 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-107 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-108

I love when Ben gets a few moments with the groom… especially when he’s able to get amazing shots like these!


Love this of Davis…

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-110 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-111 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-112 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-113 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-114

The groomsmen looked great in their tuxes and bowties.


And this color on these girls?!  With those flowers?!?  Love!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-116 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-117 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-118 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-119

These girls were so fun!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-120 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-121 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-122 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-123

I wish I could bottle up these colors and the elegance…


I typically don’t post many family photos, but the dresses that the moms wore on Saturday were GORGEOUS!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-125 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-126 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-127

And did I mention that the guys also had suspenders??


Oh Kristi… not only are you gorgeous, but you outdid yourself with a stunning wedding!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-129 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-130

This bouquet….

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-131 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-132 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-133 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-134 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-135 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-136 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-137 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-138

Seriously, how cute is she??


And oh how he is so in love with her…

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-140 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-141

Favorite father of the bride image… maybe ever.

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-142 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-143 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-144

They’re married!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-145 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-146 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-147

I love both of these… so much.

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-149 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-150 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-151 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-152

Favorite, for sure!


And I know this photo is darker than my norm… but it just works for this one.

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-154 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-155

Y’all, I think we may have a future model on our hands!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-156 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-157

The BEST part of this photo is Kristi’s niece, the flower girl…

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-158 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-159 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-160 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-161 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-162 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-163

Sometimes, I could photograph a cake for ages!  This was one of those times…

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-164 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-165 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-166 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-167 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-168 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-169 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-170

I love the one that Ben captured that’s on the left… and soon after, I was able to get the one on the right.


And I am beyond thankful to the guest that pointed the flower girl out to me!!  SO precious!!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-172 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-173 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-174 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-175-2 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-175

They had a little helper and I just had to include her in this!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-176 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-177 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-178 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-179 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-180

To say that I’m thankful when clients trust me is possibly the understatement of the century… all of these night photos were just an idea in my head but with Kristi and Davis being up for anything while also being patient, we were able to capture some amazing photos!

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-181 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-182 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-183

And this one in the elevator?  I love it.


Before the night ended, all of the Clemson graduates circled up.


And then Kristi and Davis shagged to the last song…

elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-186 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-187 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-188 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-189 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-190 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-191 elegant-downtown-greenville-wedding-192

So thankful for everyone that made this day as perfect as it was!
Ceremony | Grace Church, Downtown Campus
Reception | Hyatt Regency
Coordinator | Carrie T. Moore Weddings
Wedding Dress | Dimitra Designs, Jason Alexander
Bridesmaids Dresses | Dimitra Designs, Allure
Groomsmen’s Suits | Dimitra Designs
Hair & Makeup | Wilson’s on Washington
Florals | Greg Foster
Videography | Joseph Adams
Ceremony Musicians | Turner & Courtney Vaughn
DJ | Emerald City, Gil Ketron
Wedding Invitations | Lisa Taylor
Cake | Kathy & Company
Catering | Hyatt Regency

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