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May 9, 2019

Henry Isaac | At-Home Newborn Session

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but after chatting with Becky a few times at church I knew I wanted to actually be her friend.  And however friendships become a thing in adulthood (because for some reason it’s not as easy as when you’re kids!), that’s what happened with us.  God definitely knew what He was doing when we met though because Becky and her family have been such a huge blessing to us!  Whether it’s just a random play date or a “please come over and help me do life today” situation, I’m beyond thankful for her and her crew.

So when baby #3 was on the way, I mentioned doing photos for them and because we aren’t the exact same person (which is a good thing!!), she thought about it for a little while and then agreed to let me come with my camera :-)  We were initially going to do a Fresh48 session, but this little guy came 3 weeks early (like my own Isabella did…) and ended up needing a night in the NICU.  With the unexpected but thankfully short NICU stay and them getting to go home quickly after, we changed plans and did an at-home session instead.  And it was amazing!!

Becky and Josh’s older two love playing with our own daughters so when I was working on these photos after getting home, I showed my 4 year old some photos of her friend’s new baby brother.  Her response was, “Aw, he’s cute!  I want one!”  ha!!  She’s a funny girl, that Catherine.

Look at those two sweet boys!

I would love to tell you that I was responsible for their shocked faces and smiles, but that’s not usually the case ;-)

You guys are just the best.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives!!

The sun decided to come out as I was driving to their house so I tried my hand at a roll of film for this session…
I’m completely in love with the photos, but these 5 are my favorites!

But this one… that almost kiss, snuggled up in daddy’s arms and those little folded hands get me
each time I see this photo.  I love it SO much!

If you’re interested in me capturing this season of your life with your new sweet little one, I’d love to chat!  We can start with maternity photos, I can capture your baby’s birth or a Fresh48 session or do an at-home newborn session.
Check out the website HERE for all the details!

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