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April 10, 2017

I Haven’t Forgotten About the Blog!


If I thought blogging with one baby was difficult, it’s been almost impossible with two little ones (so bless you work-at-home-mamas with more than two kiddos!).  I KNOW it’s ok if I don’t blog as much right now.  But the truth is that I really enjoy it.  

The other thing I’ve really wanted to do is edit and blog our Paris photos since we came home in November, but that keeps taking a back seat too.  Most days, if there are a few spare moments, I either choose to nap if both girls are napping or I end up cleaning something (the kitchen, folding laundry, etc.).

Clearly things will be changing soon as my wedding season starts up at the end of the month, but I feel like it’s a good sign that I really miss my job!  And once I start shooting regularly again, I’ll miss my girls when I’m gone and be that much more excited to see them when I come home.  So really, it’s good for all of us to have a balance :-)

I just wanted to pop in and say I haven’t forgotten about the blog and that I WILL be back at it soon.  Thanks to those who do keep coming by to check on things though!  I promise to be back to more of a semi-regular schedule soon!

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