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June 26, 2018

Indigo Lilah | Fresh48 Newborn Session

This precious mama and her husband have two little boys at home.  So when they found out their third baby was going to be a girl, they were beside themselves!  I knew a couple of things immediately… 1) that she would be beautiful (just look at her mama!) and 2) she would be getting two of the most amazing parents.

What I didn’t expect was how in love with her her big brothers would be.  They came barreling into the room begging to just be close to her… and those are some of the cutest photos!

Congratulations Jeff and Kelly.  Sweet Indie is as beautiful as I knew she would be!

You two are seriously the cutest.

Her big brother went straight for her when he came in the room!

Sweet Indie, you have such an incredible mama.

These next 3 photos are some of my favorites…
1) So much uncertainty.

2) But she’s my new favorite thing.  I must help her.

3) It’s ok, baby, Gunner will take care of you :-)

The fact that she could sleep with the wonderful craziness of her two older brothers is a good sign!

She surprised us and opened her eyes for a millisecond.

Also, Kelly gives me top-knot envy.

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