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November 6, 2013

Indisposable Concept | Bringing Back the Disposable Cameras

Do you remember when you’d be getting ready to go to camp in the summer and one of the things on your packing list was a camera?  And if you were doing this in the 90s then while you might not have had an actual camera, you knew that you could go to the store and buy one (or several) disposable cameras.  When you came back from camp, you’d run to the drug store (because they had 1 hour developing!), stuff each camera into its own envelope, write your name and phone number on the outside, and then try to do something to keep yourself busy for the next hour while you painstakingly waited for your pictures to come back.

Anyone?  Anyone…?

Well, believe it or not, these cameras still exist.  I really wasn’t sure about it because it had been so long since I’d looked for one that I didn’t actually remember seeing one in the store until I stumbled upon Indisposable Concept through a friend of mine.  And it’s super simple!!  You purchase a disposable camera, you take it around with you for a week and take 24 (or 27) photos of the world around you.  Then, you either mail your camera to Australia, where they’re located, or take it to a local store to have the photos developed!  Easy peasy.  Then, they put your photos into the rotation of their images on Instagram.  It’s been really fun to follow them on Instagram to see the world through everyone’s eyes.

So, I thought I’d share what I captured the week I had my little disposable camera.  It was really funny though because sometimes I had that camera, my DSLR, and my iPhone all at once.  I admit, it was a bit much, but it made me laugh plenty of times!

It’s funny how I saw this photo and how it actually came out.  And the fact that I had to wait over a week to see it was killing me!
This was at 12 Bones BBQ in Arden, NC.  Super yummy!

Sky Top!

The only “rule” for the photos is that you are in at least one of them.  So this was our selfie.

From the underside of the light in my office.

I didn’t realize how much it would bug me that I couldn’t control anything – not the ISO, not the shutter speed, not the aperture, nothin.

So now the itch to get my film SLR is even greater.  All I have to do is find a battery for it…

This is definitely one of our favorite places to go… Hollywood! (Hollywood 20, that is.. to see movies) :-)

Another example of not being able to expose for the light as I wanted to.  Although, it’s kind of cool that all you can really see in the bag is “Nikon”.

This was from a wedding I second shot with Rebecca Perkins at the beginning of October.
It was my last day with the disposable camera and I couldn’t have ended the week on a better and more beautiful note!

So go ahead… give it a try!  Check out Indisposable Concept and go buy a disposable camera!!

  1. Taylor says:

    LOVE these, Sabrina! And I love that you got a picture of our house too! Even with no “control” you still had amazing shots! I guess it is the photographer and not the camera after all… :)

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