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January 26, 2017

Isabella’s Nursery

Well, if there’s one thing we like to do it’s take our time with projects!  We have less than a month until my scheduled c-section to meet Isabella but her room?  Well… it looks like this:


Not everything currently in there is staying and once we get the room painted (someone is scheduled to come soon!), we’ll unpack her furniture, get it into place and start washing Catherine’s old baby clothes.  I just can’t start washing until I have somewhere to put them.

Plus, we still have a good bit going on for the rest of January and mentally, I need to get those things finished and wrapped up before I can spend time working on Isa’s room.

A few disclaimers:

  • Yes, I know a “scheduled c-section” doesn’t mean I won’t go into labor before then.  However, my official due date isn’t until February 27, Isabella is still riding high, and while I know every baby is different, there’s still a pretty good chance she’ll do what Catherine did or something similar (my water broke the day before her due date and after 20+ hours of labor, she still was nice and snug and not making her way into the world on her own!  Which is why we’re having a repeat c-section).  You can read Catherine’s birth story HERE.
  • Lots of people have told me that it’s ok if her nursery isn’t finished before she comes because she won’t sleep in there for a while anyway!  Well, with Catherine, we chose to put her in her crib from day 1 when we came home from the hospital and it worked great for us.  My main reason is that Ben will still be going to work and will need more sleep during the night than I will.  So I’m ok getting up and going to her instead of having her right beside our bed :-)  So, in that sense, yes, we at least need to have her crib set up!
  • I’m pretty confident we’ll have her room exactly where it needs to be when she arrives.  I didn’t fully finish Catherine’s nursery until she was 13 months old… and don’t even get me started on how our own room isn’t “finished!” ha!


So that’s where her room is!  It’s actually in a really similar state to where Catherine’s was at this stage in the game… we realized we even bought their furniture on the same weekend two years apart (New Year’s weekend!).  I’m so excited about her furniture that we finally found here in Greenville and I can’t wait to get it set up and ready for her!  I promise to post photos when that happens :-)

Happy Thursday!

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