October 21, 2021

Isaiah Christopher | At Home Newborn Session | Greenville Newborn Photographer

This family, you guys.  They are just precious and you can’t help but smile when you’re around them!

I first met Jenny back at the beginning of my photography career (over a decade ago!).  She was an intern and I was second shooting for Jana Candler one weekend.  Jenny and Jeff may have been engaged at that point, but I know they weren’t married yet.  And now, all these years later, Jenny and I have an ongoing text thread with two other photographer mamas who have all been in business for about the same amount of time and who all have kids around the same ages.  (You can see Jenny’s website here!)

Some days, these ladies are my lifeline!  It’s a strange world we live in (working from home with little ones at our feet many days) and I’m beyond thankful for them.

Jenny was close to her due date and when I saw her at church, I asked if she had someone to do newborn photos for them.  As she breathed through contractions, she told me no, she hadn’t gotten that far yet!  We made plans to set things up that week before Isaiah arrived, but turns out, he wanted to come that afternoon!  So a week and a couple days later, I got to meet him and see his big brothers!

With a house full of all the girly things, I’m always fascinated when I’m around a house full of boys!  It’s amazing how many things are the same (kids are kids, you guys!) but lots of things are so different.  And I love it.

Jenny and Jeff, thank you for allowing me to capture this sweet time for you.  Welcome to the clan, Isaiah!  You’ve got an amazing family around you <3

This one of biggest brother with baby brother stopped me in my editing tracks…

And this one (below) feels like it’s out of the 1950s to me.

Jenny!  You are so beautiful and your boys just adore you!

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