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January 29, 2014

Josh + Natalie | Kiawah Island Anniversary Shoot

Ten years ago, I had only been in Belgium for a few weeks, but Josh and Natalie were just getting into wedding festivities.  I hated not being in town for showers and all the fun, but thanks to mail and the internet, I was still able to send gifts for showers!  I think I may have even received an invitation or two in the mail IN Belgium!  During one of the showers that our Clemson girls threw, I called home to talk to Natalie while she opened my gift.  I’d also sent some Belgian chocolate for them to enjoy so it was almost as if I was there!

The semester of my English classes didn’t actually end until sometime in June, but Josh and Natalie were getting married that first weekend of the month, so I flew home the weekend before so that I could get over jet lag before being a bridesmaid in her wedding. The last thing I wanted was to fall over from exhaustion while they were saying, “I do”!

These last ten years of their marriage have been SO encouraging to watch.  They have truly modeled unconditional love in the most fun times of life and during the lowest of lows.  Their faith has done nothing but grow stronger and their reliance on God has continued to grow deeper.  I tell them all the time that I want to be just like them when I grow up… and I mean it!

While we’re still several months away from their 10th anniversary, they suggested doing photos to celebrate while we were in Kiawah and I was all for it!  We hopped back on our bikes (oh my word, we were still SO sore!) and went to a few spots around the island.  It was a quick shoot, but you’ll be able to see how well they love and how much they laugh together!

I love you guys so much and am SO SO thankful for each of you, your encouragement, your love for me, and the example you are of what God intended marriage to look like.

A few frames in and they give me an image like this.  Love it.

So… much… laughter!

Oh goodness, if only I could shoot here ALL the time!

I seriously love that they laugh so much!

Ok, this one is another favorite!

Dear Spanish Moss… I love you.

  1. Dayna says:

    Love these! Especially the B&W ones at the end. Natalie & Josh you guys are amazing. I’ve loved following the story of your life and love over these past 10 years. And I love the brief look back from your perspective Sabrina. I remember Natalie and I picking the same wedding date, but we wanted the same bridesmaids as well so I pushed back a week. I also remember MY wedding gift from Belgium which I just recently rehung in my new house. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Natalie says:

    Dayna, those are my favorite too! I love how our stories parallel with Clemson gals marrying Furman guys a week apart and then having our first-born girls at the same time!

    I don’t love having pictures made of myself, but Sabrina is so great at reminding us that parents need to be in pictures, too. My kids loved looking through these and I hope they’ll use them when they plan our 50th wedding anniversary. :) I’m very blessed to have such a talented friend!

  3. Ashley Therese says:

    I LOVE everything about this session! Sabrina, you truly captured the happiness and love of this couple! Beautiful photos!!

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