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August 24, 2016

Kristin + Cameron | A Lake Jocassee Engagement Session

They actually met at work… he was attempting to get into a room with a keypad entry and she gave him the code.  When it worked and he looked up to thank her, he flashed his biggest smile and she’s been smitten ever since.

I’ve actually known Kristin for a while but have gotten to know her over the last four years since we’ve been in the same community group at church!  So to be able to walk through this stage of her life with her and get to know Cameron better in the process, it’s just makes my job even sweeter than it usually is :-)

To say these two love the outdoors would be quite an understatement.  We’ve run into them several times over the last couple years as they’ve been dating and if they weren’t finishing a run or bike ride, then they were dressed for one and about to head out!  When he proposed, it was at the top of a mountain after they’d been hiking most of the morning.  She was completely taken by surprise, but it was absolutely perfect for them!

So when Kristin mentioned that they were thinking of going up to Lake Jocassee for their engagement photos and even taking their paddle boards, I was SO excited!  Not just because it’s a beautiful spot, but also because it’s SO them!

Thank you guys for inviting me along for your adventure these next several months!  I’m looking forward to your spring wedding!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-101 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-102 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-103 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-104 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-105 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-106

When Kristin first got Tilly, she brought her to community group and she was the SMALLEST and sleepiest little puppy I’ve ever seen.  And now, she almost comes up to my waist!  But she’s still just as sweet and she did so well for photos!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-107 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-108 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-109 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-110 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-111

Kristin’s ring is GORGEOUS!  Cameron, you outdid yourself with this one!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-112 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-113 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-114 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-115 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-116 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-117

You guys, I could NOT get over that view!  What a perfect location for photos!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-118 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-119 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-120 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-121 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-122 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-124 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-125 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-126 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-127 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-128 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-129 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-130 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-131 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-132 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-133

This one is definitely a favorite!

lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-134 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-135 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-136 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-137 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-139 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-138 lake-Jocassee-engagement-photos-140

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