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November 27, 2012

Little Corban | 3 months

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my Clemson girls are the ones that I met freshman year through our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Bible Study.  God saw it fit to keep us together after all these years and I am SO thankful!  We all have walked through so much together and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them for the past 14 years (gosh, really?  That long??)!  So, when everyone started getting married and we took turns being in each others weddings, it was only fitting that when these girls and their husbands began having babies that we would all become honorary aunts.  It just makes sense!

Kristen and Jason actually live a couple of hours away, so I wasn’t able to meet my new “nephew” Corban until just a couple of weeks ago.  He’s about 3 months old now and seriously… he’s as cute as a button.  He definitely  has a bit of a serious side to him because try as we might, we only saw a few glimpses of his adorable smile.  Or maybe he just wasn’t up for modeling that day :-)  Or maybe it was the rain that was headed our direction and he knew it would start pouring in the middle of our session.  Whatever the reason, I decided that even with his model face, or pouty face, or just plain teary face, I could take pictures of this little guy for hours and not get tired!

Kristen and Jason, I love you guys.  Thank you for letting me capture your adorable little family!  I’ve loved this little guy for months before I even met him and I can’t wait to plant even more kisses on his cheeks the next time I see all of you!

Kristen has such a great laugh.

I call the one on the left “Little Strong Man”.

Even though he’s crying, sometimes these are my favorite pictures… it’s real life.  And real life, with all of it’s ups and downs, is precious.

Oh my word, I love this one too.

It had started to rain so we took cover (and more pictures) under this gorgeously orange tree.

Kristen, you are such a great mom!  And Corban, I just want to hug you and snuggle with you!!  Gosh, you’re so adorable!

And then, the wind and rain got a little crazy…

But, it let us capture this shortly after… and I love it.

As we were chatting before climbing into our cars, Corban fell asleep.  And I don’t know how I’d  missed it, but he has THE most amazing eye lashes.
Why is it that boys always get the best eyelashes??

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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