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February 21, 2013

Margaret + Will | Clemson Engagement Session

Y’all know that I love Clemson.  Like, REALLY love Clemson.  And as I explained the other day, every time I go to Clemson, it feels like I’m coming home!  So, to be able to go there with other Clemson grads to capture their love… because it’s my JOB?  Holy cow, it’s like I’ve already gone to heaven!  It’s so wonderful!

And these two?  Oh my heavens.  Margaret and Will are so stinking adorable and I so enjoyed hanging out with them at our alma mater on such a beautiful day!  As we wandered around campus, we talked about their wedding, reminisced about college life, saw Sammy Watkins crossing the street, and talked about their first date being the first time they really started to get to know each other.

Each of them ended up at Clemson for different reasons, but both will tell you that God orchestrated it perfectly.  Margaret is from North Carolina and even though she thought she’d be attending a school closer to home, the doors that remained open for her to walk through kept leading to Clemson.  Will is from Florida and so many of his friends went on to be Gators, but he had his sights set on orange in another state.  It’s so beautiful to hear their stories of leaving home only to find that their new home would be in South Carolina… and will soon be one they share together!

Margaret and Will, THANK YOU for the honor of capturing your love story.  We are so excited about your wedding this June… it will be here before we know it!

Her laughter is as beautiful as she is.

The sun was gorgeous and gave us oh-so-beautiful light!

Margaret had a little trouble with the “model face”.  She just couldn’t keep the smile away!

But that’s ok because she has SUCH a beautiful smile!

These two were up for exploring a little… and I think I found a new favorite spot on campus.

You guys!  You’re adorable!!

Our last stop was the football stadium, Death Valley.  And there wasn’t a more perfect spot for a ring shot than ON Howard’s Rock (which is from the Death Valley out in California!).

The Rock is a pretty big deal to all Clemson students, alum, and fans. It’s at the top of the hill where the football players run down before each game…
“The most exciting 25 seconds in college football!”

They admitted to me that Will doesn’t miss a game but that Margaret watches when she can… sometimes :-)

But I don’t think that will cause any trouble in their marriage!

Y’all… you’re killing me here!  The fact that my camera loves you both is beyond obvious :-)

As we were ending the session and were walking back across the field, I asked Will if he knew how to dip his fiancée.  Little did I know that they also knew how to dance!

Love it!

  1. Caroline says:

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I am currently a Freshman at Clemson and I LOVE seeing Clemson love! :) Thank you for sharing their precious pictures!

  2. Kate says:

    I’m the sister of the groom and I just balled looking at these! Died laughing thinking of the jokes that were made to get the authentic smiles and then the tears came. SO excited for June and y’all! Great job!

  3. Reba says:

    Pretty boy and Noodles sure are looking fine! Can’t wait for wedding pics of these hotties…and the wedding!

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