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April 21, 2016

Mary-Catherine + Michael | The Bleckley Inn + St. John’s UMC Wedding

If you ever have the chance to meet Mary-Catherine (MC) or Michael, you will instantly have two new friends.  They are the type of people who don’t meet a stranger and they genuinely care about you, regardless of whether they’ve known you for years or only 5 minutes!

And that quality of the two of them rang true on their wedding day too.  They each had 12 friends and family standing up beside them.  They had a church full of friends and family and friends who might as well be family to love and support them on the day they became one.  And everything went so perfectly and was so beautiful that even to me it seems like it was a dream!

But their wedding day – the one they waited so long for – finally arrived and they were both so excited and so ready.  If they were nervous, they didn’t show it.  If they had doubts at all, they’d been washed away ages ago.  If tears came to their eyes, it was only because of the JOY of knowing they were about to become husband and wife and would get to share the rest of their lives together.

MC and Michael… thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you!  Y’all are so wonderful individually, but as a team, I know you’re going to do incredible things because God uses strength in numbers!  I hope you’re enjoying your amazing week in St. Lucia.  Soak up some extra sun for me!

The Bleckley Inn is beautiful… and it perfectly fit MC’s classic wedding style!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-101 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-102 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-103 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-104 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-105 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-106 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-107 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-108 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-109 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-110

I love these little balconies that you can step out onto.

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-111 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-112

Such a fun group of girls!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-113 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-114 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-115 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-116 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-117 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-118 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-119

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-120 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-121 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-122 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-123

I’d never been to St. John’s United Methodist Church before this past weekend, but it’s a beautiful one to have a wedding in… just wait until you see the ceremony photos!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-124 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-125 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-126 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-127 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-128

The royal blue, the classic tux, and the white flowers were just beautiful all together!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-129 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-130 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-131 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-132 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-133 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-134 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-135 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-136

Michael told me that if he was feeling nervous at all, he just had to look at one of his guys and they would have him in fits of laughter.
And it was true!  Not that I wanted him to, but it would have been difficult to get him to stop smiling or laughing!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-137 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-138 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-139

Anna Duncan second shot with me this weekend and I’m ever thankful because she got lot of gorgeous shots like this one!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-140 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-141 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-142 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-143 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-144 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-145

They opted not to see each other before the wedding, but had a really sweet few moments around a corner before the ceremony began!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-146 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-147

How cute is MC’s dad??  Love him.

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-148 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-149 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-150 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-151 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-152 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-155 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-154 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-156 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-157

Isn’t the sanctuary beautiful??

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-158 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-159 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-160 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-161 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-162

They’re MARRIED!


After family photos, we took the entire wedding party a block behind the church… and y’all.  This light!!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-164 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-169 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-166 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-165 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-170 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-167 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-168 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-171 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-172 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-173 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-174 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-175

Oh heavens… I could have photographed these two here forever!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-176 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-177 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-178 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-179

But the sun would have set eventually… besides, they had a gorgeous party to get to!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-180 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-181

This cake!!!


I’ve photographed at The Bleckley Inn before, but I think my favorite set-up was this one.
All of the white made the space feel even more open and bright than it already was!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-183 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-184 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-185 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-186 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-187

Kathy & Company always makes such incredible cakes.  Look at that detail!
And I love that they put MC in their monogram!


And if you thought that room was pretty… wait until you see the tent.

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-189 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-190 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-191

The chandeliers were gorgeous!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-192 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-193 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-194 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-195 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-196 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-197 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-198 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-199 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-200 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-201 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-202 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-203 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-204 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-205 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-206

One of my favorite parts of the evening is taking the bride and groom out for night portraits… it gives them a chance to connect away from the dance floor, which means another opportunity to soak in their day together!  Plus, it gives them some unique photos that we can only capture during this time of day :-)

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-207 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-208 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-209 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-210 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-211

I love the street lamps in downtown Anderson!  They just added to the romance of the evening.

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-212 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-213 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-214

MC’s parents are the cutest!  Thank you guys for hosting such an incredible day for your daughter and new son-in-law!


And Michael’s parents are just wonderful too!  They’re some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-216 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-217 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-218 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-219

If not for Lindsay (standing between me and MC), I wouldn’t have met these two wonderful girls almost a decade ago.
And I probably wouldn’t have gotten to photograph their weddings this past year.  Love all three of you to pieces!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-220 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-221 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-222

Congrats again, you guys!!


Many thanks to these incredible vendors who made MC + Michael’s wedding day so wonderful!

Ceremony | St. Johns United Methodist Church
Getting Ready & Reception | The Bleckley Inn
Wedding Dress | Justin Alexander from Atlanta Bride Couture
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Monique Lhuillier from Bella Bridesmaids
Groomsman Suits | Jos A Banks
Makeup Artist | Lydia Fillmon
Hair Artist | Tiffany Ownbey
Wedding Coordinator | Cindy Poole
Florals | Aimee Cromer of HoneyB
Florals in the Church | Don Burdette of Floral Arts
Video | Special Moments Video
Minister | Sinclair Lewis 

Band | Flashback
Wedding Invitations | Cindy Poole
Cake Artist | Kathy & Company
Catering | Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill

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