March 10, 2016

Mary Kathryn + Jamey | Downtown Spartanburg + Lake Bowen Engagement

It was his long-time friend and her best friend that introduced them one night at Delaney’s, an Irish pub in downtown Spartanburg.  And in his words, he didn’t think he stood a chance.

But he was melting her heart from the beginning… especially when he told her how beautiful she was the moment she got out of the car and met him for their first official date. Jamey knew pretty early on that he wouldn’t be able to spend his life without her. So, after dating for a couple of years and finally closing the gap of their long distance relationship when she moved to Spartanburg, he took her to Charleston for her birthday.  And as they swayed in the swings by the water, he asked her to be his wife and to never leave his side again.

Mary Kathryn can’t tell you much of what happened because it didn’t hit her until the next morning that she was going to be Jamey’s wife!  But what she can tell you is that she was the happiest she’s ever been.

I’ve only just begun getting to know these two, but from what I can tell, they are a perfect match for each other! It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with them and their puppy, Duke. Several times we thought he (and they) were going to end up in the lake, but he stayed dry and was fascinated with my camera and having his photo taken!

Thank you guys for such a fun afternoon… I can’t wait for your wedding later this fall!

Downtown Spartanburg has changed a lot since I was growing up there… so much prettier than it used to be!

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-101 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-102 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-103 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-104

Why not slow dance in the middle of downtown when there’s no music…?

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-105 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-106 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-107 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-108

Nicely done, Jamey!  This ring is gorgeous!


I’m officially in love with this blue door.

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-110 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-111 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-112 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-113

You guys!  Smokin’!

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-114 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-115 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-116 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-117 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-118 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-119 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-120 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-121

I love both of these photos so much!

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-122 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-123

We stopped by their house to pick up Duke and we snagged a few photos on their porch while we were there.  It’s one of the cutest houses!

downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-124 downtown-spartanburg-engagement-photos-125

And the edge of the porch was perfect for a ring shot.


Jamey grew up on the lake so it was only fitting that we ended the session out at his parents’ house just before sunset!


I’m not so much of a dog whisperer, but apparently my camera is!  Duke couldn’t keep his eyes off my lens!


What sweet family portraits!

lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-103 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-104 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-105

You guys, this is still my favorite from your session!

lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-106 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-107 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-108 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-109 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-110 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-111 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-112 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-113 lake-bowen-sunset-engagement-photos-114

Just beautiful!


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