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Monday Musings, Personal

November 23, 2015

Monday Musings | Catherine at Clemson

It was a Clemson girl’s dream come true… getting to introduce my baby girl to my alma mater!  Will she remember anything about the day?  No.  But, I’ll at least get to tell her that she’s been visiting Clemson since she was a baby and we have photos to prove it :-)

We had no idea how she would do, but as always, we just hoped for the best and went with the flow of the day.  And even with a few mishaps, I told Ben that night on the way home that I loved every minute of it!

As usual, Catherine charmed everyone she saw.  And even when she spilled my drink all over me at lunch (which resulted in my first ever purchase of jeggings because they were the only pants we could find in downtown Clemson) there was no way I could be upset because she’s just so darn cute!

So, a few tidbits about the weekend (because who doesn’t love a good list of bullet points?):

  • I definitely packed and took more of her stuff than we needed.  But I was too scared to leave anything behind!
  • We took her stroller and the Ergo into downtown and onto campus but we probably would have been fine without the Ergo since we only used it to bring her back to the car after the game.
  • She has mad ninja skills that we only discovered this weekend… I looked away for .2 seconds and my entire drink was in my lap.  If it had just been water, we would have been fine.  But since it wasn’t and we still had a cold night in the stadium to sit through, my sweet husband insisted we find some new pants for me.
  • The only pants you can purchase in downtown Clemson are men’s khakis with some kind of Clemson print on them or jeggings/leggings.
  • I’d worn my wallabees (which I know are kind of out of style anyway) so when I put jeggings on with them, I felt ridiculous.  But I didn’t have a choice so we just went with it.
  • The ear protection we got for her was wonderful!  She didn’t even seem to mind that she had to wear them most of the game.  And this game wasn’t even as loud as it’s gotten in the past, but we wanted to be safe.  These are the ones I purchased, if you’re curious.
  • And believe it or not, we stayed the entire game!!  I almost couldn’t believe she lasted that long, but I’m thankful.  It had been 2 years since I’d been to a Clemson game… so to be able to watch our #1 team with my little family was so much fun!

I wanted to take my Nikon D800 to the game, but with all of her baby stuff too, it just didn’t make sense.  iPhone photos for the win ;-)  The day started out BEAUTIFUL!  And believe it or not, I had to buy a poncho at the game because it was raining on and off.


Her sweater looks neon red, but I promise that it’s orange!


Soaked jeans on the left, happy girl with daddy on the right :-)

Clemson-Nov2015-103 Clemson-Nov2015-104

It was a “purple out” game so they only released purple balloons and the wind brought them directly above us!


Thankfully (and miraculously) she slept through most of the first half of the game!


It was also Military Appreciation Day.  The band played songs from each of the military branches as active duty and retired soldiers stood on the field and in the stands.  It truly brought tears of thankfulness to your eyes.


Ah!  She’s the cutest little Clemson Tiger I know!


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