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Monday Musings

June 22, 2015

Monday Musings | Extended Family

This weekend was one I’d been looking forward to for a long time.  11 years ago I moved home from Belgium where I’d worked with a missionary family.  They had two kids who were 18 and 15 at the time.  Well, two years ago, that 18 year old girl (now a woman!) married her love and this weekend, that pesky 15 year old boy (now a grown man!) married his perfect girl.

The thing though is that this family isn’t just “a family I met while abroad”, this family IS my family.  Brandon and Christen are my brother and sister and Catherine is their niece.  It’s just how it is.  Thankfully, Ben grew up on the mission field so he understand this concept of “extended family” when there is no actual blood relation.

Part of the fun is that others they’ve adopted as family along the way have also become dear to me as well!  I was so thankful to be at Brandon and Celeste’s wedding this weekend… to capture the memories, share in the happy tears, dance with everyone else, and even be included in this extended family photo (I’m on the far right).

I’m thankful that family is more than just those related to you by blood.  And I’m glad that Catherine will grow up knowing that too!


  1. Brandon Green says:

    We love you and are so glad you were able to be there on our special day! Also, Are you sure that Ben understands the concept of extended family? It seems like we’re just friends to him. We’re so happy to have you as our sister though!

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