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Monday Musings

April 13, 2015

Monday Musings | Words

This past weekend, our church held a women’s conference about A Woman’s Words and wow, was it good.  Not the everything-is-roses-rainbows-cupcakes kind of good but the my-toes-were-just-stepped-on-but-for-really-good-reason kind of good.  And if hearing from speakers and a panel wasn’t enough, our pastor taught on James 3 for the sermon this weekend!  So… let’s just say I’m even more aware of what and how I’m saying things than I was before Friday night.

They’re going to be fleshing these ideas out even more in the coming months and a women’s study will be available sometime down the road, but here are several nuggets I took away from the weekend:

  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can win or wound me. (I love this…)
  • As Christians, we should be finding ways to use our words to bring life to others (to encourage them, build them up)
  • Ways to filter my words before I speak: Is it truth? Is it necessary? Is it kind? (sometimes I say things that just aren’t necessary and that ends up hurting rather than helping someone or a situation!)
  • Being nice is self-focused but being kind is others focused (the bible doesn’t talk about being nice, but it talks about being kind a lot!)
  • As a wife, my words have a way of empowering my husband like no one else’s words can!
  • All of us were created in God’s image, but for those who choose to follow him, we have a responsibility to honor Him through all that we do, especially with what we say!  And as hard as it is, we have to resist letting the world squeeze us into its mold with how it speaks and what it says is ok.

It wasn’t all easy to hear, but it was important to hear!  And I’m looking forward to how it continues to change me and my heart.  My hope is that each time you come to this blog that you leave it feeling encouraged.  I love sharing pieces of my life with each of you and each word I type should be another one that brings truth and hope to you.


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