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January 2, 2014

Movies Over the Holidays

We LOVE going to the movies.  There’s just something about getting in line to get a ticket, eating popcorn or candy and as the lights go down feeling the excitement for what’s about to transpire on the screen in front of you.  My mom gave us gift cards to the theater and we mostly saw movies at the matinee showing so no, we didn’t go broke going to see FOUR movies in the last week!  Gosh, when I write it out, it sounds a tad crazy!

So, here’s a quick rundown and some short reviews on what we saw.  Is there one we’re missing out on that we MUST see before we get too far into January??

We tried to go see Saving Mr Banks on Christmas day but after trying two theaters for the afternoon show and them both being sold out, we opted for Frozen.  I wanted to see it anyway, but with all the snow and family storyline it was a perfect Christmas Day movie!  And between the characters, the story, the singing (oh the singing!), I loved it.  As do most children.  But I never claimed that I ever grew out of animated movies that may or may not have been intended for the younger generations.  Now, to just get the soundtrack so I can learn the songs and sing along with the movie when we purchase it :-)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty… if you’re a photographer, you MUST go and see this.  No really, go see it.  Save a few dollars and go before 6pm, but go see it on the big screen.  It definitely stirred my heart for what I do and this industry as a whole.  It also spoke to the travel bug in me!  Good thing I’m getting on a few planes in the next few weeks or else I’d be trying to figure out just how to go on some kind of trip really soon!

We finally got back to the theater to see Saving Mr. Banks.  And oh my goodness… SO good.  If you love Mary Poppins and you’re at all interested in “behind the scenes/history” or stories we all know and love you will adore this one.  My only complaint is that the entire theater didn’t erupt in song when the cast was singing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”!

And finally, we went to see The Hobbit yesterday on New Year’s Day.  We literally tried to go and see it 3 times before this but things kept coming up.  I enjoyed it, it seemed to be easier to follow than previous Lord of the Rings movies, but I’m still a bit shocked that they’re going to make 3 movies out of this one little book.  They really could have done it in two, but I wasn’t consulted on the matter ;-)

So that’s it!  Loving 3 out of the 4 movies (and simply liking the 4th one) we saw isn’t too bad.  But really, are there any others out right now that we MUST go and see on the big screen??

  1. Ashley says:

    Frozen soundtrack is only $6.99 until tomorrow 1/3 on iTunes :)

  2. Kristin says:

    It’s not out yet but I want to go see Her. It’s kinda strange just reading the synopsis but the trailer looks really good and the reviews rave that it’s a must go!

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