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October 28, 2016

My First Official Intern | Rebecca Hicks

It hadn’t really crossed my mind to have an intern, at least not right now.  But when Rebecca emailed me before the summer got going, my mind started turning and I realized that this could be really good… for both of us!

The summer was a little crazy because not only was she getting married in June, but my wedding schedule this year was more spring/early summer heavy than the second half of the year.  So while she only made it to a handful of weddings with me and second shot one of them, she was still able to second shoot with some other local photographers and has even booked some of her own weddings for next year!  I’m so proud :-)

So what all did she do with me if we didn’t spend much of our time at weddings?  Well, the truth about wedding photographers is that most of our time ISN’T spent at weddings!  It’s spent working on the business side of things (emails, networking, album designing, editing, submitting photos for features, etc.).  Which is exactly what Rebecca and I spent most of our time together doing…

We talked about business and how to run an honest and successful one.  I showed her how I shoot and why I love prime lenses as much as I do.  We talked about shooting styles and how she’s already developing that, how to be professional but personable when talking with/emailing with/interacting with clients and vendors.  She also helped me a TON with my album designs this summer!  While I’d be working on my bridal guide, she would be designing albums before we sent them to my brides.  By the third or fourth one, I wasn’t making any changes and neither were my brides!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Rebecca of Rebecca Hicks Photography!

sabrinafieldsphotography-intern-101 sabrinafieldsphotography-intern-102 sabrinafieldsphotography-intern-103 sabrinafieldsphotography-intern-104 sabrinafieldsphotography-intern-105

Thanks for everything this year, Rebecca!


And finally… the winner of this year’s birthday giveaway is Kelly M!  Congrats, girl!  I’ll be in touch soon :-)

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