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October 21, 2013

Noonday Collection | Birthday Week Giveaway!

Last year, I took the week of my birthday to do giveaways on the blog.  But they just weren’t any giveaways.  They were giveaways of things from companies that I not only believe in but that also give back.  I LOVE doing giveaways on the blog.  So, I’m going to do it again this year and I could not be more excited.  The prizes are a little bigger so there are only 3 happening this week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So be sure to check back all week!

We’ll start the week off with Noonday Collection.  I first heard about Noonday when my friend Kelly signed up to be an ambassador for them.  The founder of Noonday Collection began this journey when they were raising money to adopt a little boy from Rwanda.  The sales of this jewelry not only go towards finding homes for orphans, but helping women who needed opportunities to climb out of poverty.  I encourage you to watch this video (and I dare you not to smile or shed a tear!) and you can read more of their story here.

For today’s giveaway, you’ll have the chance to win $50 to use towards anything you like from Noonday Collection’s site!  I honestly wish I could win this one myself because I LOVE almost everything in their catalogue.  Seriously.  Most of my own earring collection has come from one of my three close friends (Kelly being one of them) and I don’t think I’ve bought a pair of earrings myself in about 6 years.  No lie.  The last time I attempted this, it ended up being a huge mistake.  But with everything Noonday has, I kind of feel like I can’t go wrong!  Plus, anything that is purchased goes towards helping these beautiful women as well as families who are seeking to adopt… both things that I’m wildly passionate about.

So take a look at these pieces below and check out the website here.  With Christmas coming up, you might get some gift ideas (for you or others)!

Kakobe Kite Earrings and Bethe Rope Necklace

Bling Collar Necklace and Blossomed Earrings

Violet Necklace  (with Rockstar Orange and Minted)

On the top of the plate below: Pelotas Bracelet- NavySaigon Color Dipped Bangle, Indigo and Courtney Cuff
Hanging from the sides: Metallic Pearls EarringsSmall Cow Horn Hoops, and Annie’s Feathered Earrings

Jalia Ombre Necklace

Floral Reef Cuff

You have until Tuesday (October 22) at midnight to enter.  The more you share, the more changes you have of winning!  Good luck and Happy Monday!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Winner will be announced on Wednesday morning’s blog post.  If you win at any point this week, you are not eligible for the subsequent giveaways (for this week only).

  1. Caroline says:

    Woohoo!! You KNOW I’m entering this!!

  2. Arica says:

    This jewelry is so pretty! I think I’ll be doing some shopping soon, win or not. :-)

  3. Donna says:

    Bone carved leaf earrings are beautiful!! And a super happy birthday to you!

  4. Beth Daane says:

    Oh Sabrina. You are an amazing woman! I love the Violet Necklace, since you asked. What is YOUR favorite piece?! Happy Birthday Week!!!!!

  5. Dayna says:

    Hooray for birthday week. I so need to remember this come my birthday. I love the giving of gifts rather than receiving to celebrate.

  6. Joanna says:

    Happy Birthday week girl!!! Love seeing how much you love others!! The jewelry is beautiful! I love the blossomed earrings and the floral reef cuff!

  7. Terri A. says:

    I could spend all day gazing at photographer blogs. Yours among them! Great work, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  8. Kelly Teno says:

    Hey there! This jewelry give away is awesome! But I am even more so, inspired by your generosity to give to others. You are a blessing! Have a wonderful birthday :)

  9. Sabrina says:

    Beth – since you asked, my favorite piece is the Very Versatile Bracelet (which seems to be a favorite overall since it’s on backorder) :-)

  10. Taylor says:

    I love the Cascading Falls necklace and the Tushabe Layered Necklace, though the Tushabe is sold out :(

    Happy Birthday Week, Sabrina!

  11. Happy birthday week!!! This is such a fun way to celebrate! :D I’m digging the yellow stripe arm warmers! Arm warmers are my friends come winter! ;)

  12. Jenny C says:

    kakobe kite earrings & courtney cuff. happy birth-week!

  13. erin dubroc says:

    I am a huge fan of Noonday — thanks so much for the chance and happy birthday to you!

    my favorite piece right now is the modern angles necklace!!

  14. Jenn Davis says:

    Happy Birthday Week!!! I love the Jalia Ombre Necklace!

  15. Lacey Thompson says:

    The blossomed earring are gorgeous and I love the cuff as well! Spreading the awareness of this company is fantastic!

  16. Kristin says:

    Happy birthday to my favorite wedding photographer! :)

  17. Susanna Fowler says:

    Happy Birthday to not only the best photographer there is, but also one of the sweetest people I know! I hope it’s wonderful! I’m in love with the reef cuff and the metallic pearl earrings! Everything they have is beautiful and what an awesome way to give back!!

  18. Natalie says:

    Yay birthdays!

  19. Laura says:

    Hi Sabrina! I love the blossom earrings. So beautiful! :)

  20. Mandy says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

  21. I have NEVER heard of this company, but I’m headed over to check it out now! Gorgeous stuff, thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Shellie says:

    Happy birthday week!!!
    I like the Hammered Drop Earrings, Gold!!! Beautiful items and beautiful story!

  23. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful company!! Everything is beyond gorgeous. I loved the Filigree Paisley earrings!

  24. Lynn says:

    So difficult to pick a favorite–maybe blossom earrings, cuff bracelet, AND the bethe rope necklace!

  25. Casey says:

    I am crazy about that violet necklace!

  26. Andrea Rust says:

    I just LOVE the floral reef cuff. It’s my favorite!

  27. Grace Custer says:

    I loved this week last year and excited to see all the charities this year. My favorite piece was definitely the Water Drop Prism Earrings.

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