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March 13, 2013

Norah | 6 Months

When Sarah was pregnant with their first child, Wyatt, she called to ask me about doing pictures of him during his first year.  Little did any of us know that we would be doing newborn photos at their house three times!  I love this sweet family and Sarah and Cas have believed in me from the start.  I am so thankful for them and their friendship… and I love their precious children.  As we were trying to schedule Norah’s 6 month photos amidst the stomach bug, winter, and colder weather, we ended up pushing these back to this past week so these are technically her seven and a half month old pictures :-)  But it was so worth it because it was gorgeous outside!

Because of scheduling, Cas wasn’t able to be there (but don’t worry, he’ll be there for Norah’s 1 year pictures this summer!), so hopefully he’ll be able to feel like he was there from these photos.  Thank you, Sarah, for braving this session without Cas… you are SUCH an amazing mom and it’s been an honor to photograph your growing family over the years.  Enjoy some of my favorites!

First, I have to show you this… each time I’ve seen Norah, I thought she looked a lot like her cousin Emily. So I had to put two of their 6 month photos together to see them side by side!
You can’t tell in this photo below, but Norah’s eyes are a little darker blue than Emily’s.  And they have the same little mouths.  So cute!

Norah is one lucky girl to have two older brothers to watch out for her.

Sarah, I know you love your kids, but I hope you can see how much they love you!

Yes, there are bows on the ends of her sleeves… and I love them!

Ah!  So sweet!

Norah looks so much like her older brother, EJ, it’s kind of crazy.

She wasn’t a fan of the hat…

…until she realized she could chew on it :-)


Oh my word, Sarah… you are so beautiful.

She wasn’t much a fan of the tutu either, but goodness, it’s just so darn cute!  Even with that little tear in her eye…

I think this was her, “haven’t you taken enough pictures already??” face.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Be sure to leave Sarah and Norah some love in the comments!

  1. Elisha says:

    Oh my word!I love these!I need to reserve you now Sabrina before i even have little ones ;)

  2. Shellie says:

    PRECIOUS!!!! Just precious!!!!

  3. Kerrt Lea says:

    Great pictures! Sarah, you have a beautiful family!!!

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