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September 26, 2012

Our Very Own Workshop

My very first photography workshop was right here in Greenville and it’s what first got me hooked.  I’d been learning on my own as much as I could, but there was only so much I could learn from reading blogs and finding tid-bits online.  This hands-on girl needed hands-on practice with someone guiding me and it was amazing!  But it wasn’t until I realized I needed to be picky about what workshops to go to that I really started learning and soaking things in.  Zach & Jody’s IN-CAMERA workshop all but changed how I did business and how I thought about my own business, which I hadn’t really done much of before.  Katelyn James’s Workshop Experience earlier this year got me thinking more about posing and creating an experience for my clients (which Zach & Jody had actually touched on the year before!).

I realized when I came back from Katelyn’s workshop that I needed more practice, which luckily I had right off the bat with several engagement sessions and weddings!  And I feel like the flow of sessions and weddings were better and I had more ideas to connect with and take care of my clients.  But, with the break in wedding season, I wanted to get out and practice encouraging a couple while instructing them on posing… as well as work on our off camera flash!  One thing that Katelyn mentioned back in March was that after about 10 seconds of no talking and only a camera clicking away, a couple starts to get worried that they aren’t doing something right, which turns into awkward images that no one is really excited about.  But, as you talk the person on the other side of your camera through what you’re looking for and cheer them on along the way, the resulting images are something to get excited about!  And it’s so true!!  But, for this introvert, talking non-stop for an hour or more is tough sometimes.  So, I figured having a little practice would help!

When I mentioned the idea to Ben, I asked him what he thought about coming with me so we could work on shooting together and the shots he is getting as the other photographer at our weddings.  As well as practicing our off-camera flash once the sun started to set!  Because he’s super awesome and we just enjoy hanging out together, he was all for it :-)  So, my amazing friend Chrystie and her husband Ken were kind enough to be our models and hang out with us for a couple of hours.

1) These two are so fun and 2) this was Ben’s first shot from his camera. *jealous*

Mine on the left, Ben’s on the right.

My shot…

Ben’s shot…

If they ever start a band, I vote this as their cover photo.

Then, Ben went a little wide and snagged this one.  And I love it in black and white.

Mine on the left, Ben’s on the right.
Are these two not so adorable??

I was doing my best to stay in front of Ken and Chrystie so that we’d have a realistic as possible scenario as we might find on a wedding day.  So, most of the shots from the side are Ben’s.
And I don’t mean to brag… ok, yes I do… my husband is good at this picture taking thing!!

Again… another moment that Ben caught.  I love it.

As the sun started to go down we pulled out the flash, the light stand, and our Pocket Wizards.  A little adjusting here and there and we started to land what I was trying to get…

I. Love. This one.

Ken and Chrystie, thank you SO MUCH for coming to model for us!  We had so much fun with you guys and we appreciate you letting us practice shooting you ;-)

This is way cheesy, but I love that I get to say “I shoot people” without actually hurting anyone!

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