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Our Wedding

March 25, 2013

Our Wedding | The Reception

It’s been almost a year and a half, but I go back and look at these photos SO often.  And half the time I’m thinking, “I really need to finish editing these!”  So, you know that if I’m posting photos from our reception, I’m close to being done.  Again, thank you Jana and Kim… I still love these!!

Which brings me to a quick point… brides who are photographers (or photographers who will be future brides), when it comes time for your wedding it might be difficult to let go of all things photography related, but it will be well worth it to spend the money to let the photographers you hire do their job… including the edits of your photos!  Now, I realize my case is a rare one.  I’m really good friends with my photographers and I was trying to save some money (tsk tsk) and they were trying to help me out by letting me do all of the final edits.  But, it’s now almost a year and a half after our wedding and I’m still not finished with our wedding photos!  It’s not AT ALL that I didn’t trust Jana and Kim, because I do.  I love their style, which is why we asked them to shoot the wedding!  I just thought (in my pre-wedding delusional mind) that I could save all of us some time and effort and edit them myself.  Hmm… lesson learned.  So, photographers who are or will be brides… promise me this… that you will FULLY be a bride for your wedding, delegate tasks that need to be done that day (you don’t need to be the point person on your wedding day!), let your photographers and other vendors do what you’ve hired them to do… which they’re amazing at doing!!

Ok, onto our reception!  We had an “old world/antique European” kind of theme to our day, which was scattered all throughout the little downtown airport where we had our reception.  It was slightly by process of elimination that we ended up there, but it could not have been more perfect for us!  We both love to travel, Ben grew up in South America, I’ve lived in Europe and we were going to Paris for our honeymoon.  So why not have it at the airport??  As I sat down with my friend Lindsey to talk about what I had in mind for the reception and details, she took what was in my head and ran with it.  It was GORGEOUS in that little space and I’m so thankful for her and so many of our other friends that helped out.  It seriously wouldn’t have happened without them.

We had 4 different kinds of cupcakes: chocolate peppermint, peanut butter & jelly, pumpkin chocolate chip, and red velvet.
And of course, we toasted with cherry coke!

The biggest surprise of all was the Eiffel Tower of lights in the center of the room!

We had “mad libs” that people could fill out…

…and leave for us.

Wasn’t it beautiful??

My brother and his friends catered the reception for us. If you need some good food (which everyone does), check out Cru Catering in Charleston!
You can also eat at Cru Café if you don’t have an event coming up.

I loved the idea of having a cookie bar of mine and Ben’s favorite cookies. So, our family graciously whipped them up for guests to eat and take with them!

They could also take the recipes with them too (I still have SEVERAL of these, so if you’d like one, just leave a comment and I’ll mail one to you!).


Favorite… for sure.

LOVE these girls!  Having a Shutterbooth at the reception was SO much fun!

I’d wanted a red velvet wedding cake for as long as I could remember.

Could not do life without my Clemsongang (Brooke was the only one that couldn’t be there that day!).

And we definitely couldn’t do life without our amazing parents.

They told me our wedding day would go by in a flash… and it did.

But it was the BEST day ever!

I’m so glad they got this photo before it was taken down.

Especially because it wouldn’t have happened in the first place without this incredible group of people.  Love you guys…

  1. Um, you are a girl after my own heart. LOVE me some green! :) Seriously, these photos are so beautiful! Especially the first dance! WOW… did y’all leave in an airplane?! That’s awesome!

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