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November 2, 2016

Paris 5 Years Later

The best thing about visiting a place you’ve been before is that there is a sense of familiarity.  And what’s even better is the first time Ben and I were here together, we’d been married all of 1.5 days, but now, (as of Saturday) we’ve been married 5 years so not only is Paris familiar but after almost 1,827 days of marriage, we have much more history together, we know better how each other thinks, works and is motivated.

The only unknown this time around is that our second baby girl is 23 weeks along so the toll on my body of walking around all day isn’t quite the same as it’s been before!  But, trust me, she’s not holding us back (much) :-)

A few tidbits about the trip so far:

  • I don’t think I slept a wink on the plane… but I did get to catch up on movies!
  • Technology has changed enough since we were here last that using Google Maps to get around has already been super helpful!
  • My phone also told me that we walked 7.2 miles yesterday… no wonder my body was complaining!
  • We’ve rented apartments both times we’ve been to Paris together and it’s definitely the way to go.  Having a small home is much more relaxing and inviting than a small hotel room!
  • When we’d been married for 1 week, we went out to dinner at Chez George.  I’d called and made reservations for 7pm but we got extremely lost on the way and didn’t find it until 8pm!  We have reservations for dinner there tonight but our apartment is literally next door.  So I think we’ll find it ok.
  • We went out for a late dinner last night (like 10pm) and my pregnant body was adjusting from being up and on the go all day so there were a few pains I was experiencing.  During one such painful moments, our waiter came up and asked if I was going into labor!!  I told him most definitely not and I think he was super relieved they wouldn’t be delivering a baby last night :-)

I only took a handful of photos yesterday but now that we’re rested and mostly adjusted to the time, my camera will be getting a lot more use today.  There may be a plethora of photos of buildings… I mean, just look how beautiful they are!  We are also staying in the midst of a neighborhood so we’re surrounded by these and I can’t get enough!


The one touristy thing we did yesterday was to visit Notre Dame where we saw the ending of one mass and the beginning of another. We think they had several services since yesterday was All Saints Day (November 1).  Even though we’ve been before, I don’t know that I’ve ever been there for the beginning or end of mass, so that was fun to experience!


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