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July 19, 2017

Paris in iPhone Photos

Last week was an actual dream come true.  When Abby Grace Photography first announced a workshop in Paris would be happening, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I’m usually thinking about Paris at any given moment, but there was something about The Signature Atelier that was too much to resist.

There is still so much to process and work through on my end since getting home (including about 500 photos to edit), but I thought it would be fun to start out by sharing my iPhone photos.

I arrived on Saturday and the workshop began on Sunday so I had about 24 hours to wander Paris on my own.  Most of my time was spent walking (for about 8 miles total) and sitting at a café, which is a perfect way to see Paris and it strolls by you.  That evening, I met up with Casey who was also attending the workshop and we went for a super late dinner (very European), had more adventures trying to get an Uber than I ever want to have again, and went to bed way too late!

I don’t want to add too much more commentary because I just want you to enjoy the photos :-)  But I would love to share the stories behind some of these if I see you in person!

Paris-by-iPhone-101 Paris-by-iPhone-102 Paris-by-iPhone-103 Paris-by-iPhone-104 Paris-by-iPhone-105 Paris-by-iPhone-106 Paris-by-iPhone-107

Can you believe this room??  It’s where I got to stay for a week!

Paris-by-iPhone-108 Paris-by-iPhone-109

Paris-by-iPhone-110 Paris-by-iPhone-111 Paris-by-iPhone-112 Paris-by-iPhone-113


I was so excited to see the Eiffel Tower again at sunrise and can’t wait to share those images!

Paris-by-iPhone-115 Paris-by-iPhone-116 Paris-by-iPhone-118 Paris-by-iPhone-119

I know these two images below seem to drastically contradict each other, but they’re both so French and they both happened in the same garden that was our backyard for the week.  And they both make me SO happy!

Paris-by-iPhone-120 Paris-by-iPhone-121 Paris-by-iPhone-122

Several of us decided to go into Paris one night to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up.  It was such a late night, but completely worth it!

Paris-by-iPhone-123 Paris-by-iPhone-124

My first time taking a picnic lunch to Versailles and my first time visiting Le Petite and Le Grand Trianon.


Seriously, I felt like I’d walked into Beauty & the Beast.

Paris-by-iPhone-126 Paris-by-iPhone-127 Paris-by-iPhone-128

I’ve never liked Creme Brulee… until this trip.


These ladies and a flower market… the perfect way to end our week!

Paris-by-iPhone-130 Paris-by-iPhone-131

Stay tuned for several more blog posts coming your way :-)

  1. Allyson says:

    Love these!!! It’s almost like I was back in Paris again! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

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