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September 4, 2012


Several years ago I had the chance to go to Northern Ireland on a mission trip.  Northern Ireland is as gorgeous as all of the pictures you’ll ever see.  And the rumors of how green and lush everything is??  All of them are 100% true.  It’s gorgeous!

We were there in the middle of the summer.  And here in Greenville, SC, the middle of the summer means hot and humid.  And if it’s raining?  Humidity only increases.  But that week on the small green isle, it was pretty chilly and we were outside a fair amount since we were helping with sports camps.  I took my jacket off once, for maybe 30 minutes, while we were outside because that’s as much as we saw the sun the entire week.  It took me most of our time there to make the connection, but the reason Ireland and Northern Ireland are SO green is because it rains.  It rains A LOT.

But, rain brings life.  And the green that comes with that life is SO beautiful.  So, even though it’s been raining here most of the weekend, I’m trying to remember just how good the rain can be.

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