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Our Honeymoon, Personal

June 14, 2012

Rainy Day

When we woke up this morning it wasn’t just raining, it was raining-pouring-the-old-man-is-snoring kind of rain!  And that’s when we determined that since we didn’t get any snow days this year that we should be able to have a “rain day”.  Of course, I fully and 100% agreed because there’s nothing better on a rainy day than to stay curled up in bed with a book or on the couch with several good movies.

But alas, this is South Carolina where rain stops no one (unlike in LA where I hear people will cancel lunch plans if it’s raining!  I just don’t get it… :-) ). So, hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work we go!  Here’s to a good (and hopefully productive) day despite the rain and my overwhelming sense of obligation to curl up on the couch!

In honor of today’s rainy day, I thought I’d share a rainy day picture from our last day in Paris on our honeymoon.  This is Rue Rivoli, the main street just down the block from our apartment.  Ah, how I miss it!  In the picture on the right, you can see part of Chez Benjamin where we had our first dinner the night we arrived.  It wasn’t the best meal we had while there, but maybe the one with the most laughs :-)  It’s also the meal where we spent about 20 minutes with Ben speaking Spanish and me speaking French… together.  For a conversation.  It was awesome!  It was also pretty incredible how we could, for the most part, actually understand each other.  So fun :-)

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