October 7, 2022

Rebekah + Cody | Clemson University Engagement

Imagine walking your college campus for 4 years… attended classes, eating in the dining hall, going to football games and joining friends to throw the frisbee on Bowman Field as the weather warms up in the spring.  Now imagine, after graduation, that you’re back in your hometown.  You’re working, going to church, having dinner with your parents and spending time with friends.

Then one day at church, you end up meeting the love of your life.  Now imaging finding out that they were ALSO on that college campus when you were.  Each of the same years.  Probably at the same football games, in the dining hall at the same time and maybe even walking past each other on the bridge in front of Cooper Library.  And also realizing you were at the same exact graduation ceremony.

Is your mind whirling with the possibilities of all the times they could have met but didn’t??  Because mine is.

Rebekah and Cody may not have known each other when they were students, but it only made their engagement session in and around campus that much sweeter.

Thank you two for trusting me to capture this season of your lives!  I’m so excited for your spring wedding on the coast!

You could say Cody knows a bit about trees… and Rebekah loves that the ring he chose for her has two leaves on each side.

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