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June 19, 2012

Redeemed Furniture

I’m always amazed at the different talents that different people have.  When I was younger I wanted so badly to be able to draw and I remember opening a book on my bed and trying to look at the pictures and draw them onto another page.  It didn’t turn out so well… Same thing goes for fashion and decorating.  I wish I had the ability to put together a really cute outfit that was a bit more edgy than my usual fare, but unless I have a friend helping me… I usually turn out looking like a mess!  And if it weren’t for some of those same friends, my house would not look as good as it does :-)

The same goes for my friend Debbie Dather, the owner and talent behind Redeemed Furniture.  She can see an old piece of furniture – sometimes just laying on the side of the road! – and see a treasure.  And then she transforms it into something beautiful!  She not only has an amazing eye and talent for this, but she is such a joy to be around.  I was excited to have an excuse to hang out with her on Friday as we drove to a couple of places to get pictures of some of her recent projects.  Not that I need an excuse to hang out with her, but sometimes life just gets busy and this was the perfect “excuse” to spend some time with her.

So, enjoy some recent pieces below that she’s done for clients and check out the last piece below… that’s for sale!  Also, be sure to visit her on Facebook to see other treasures she has for sale.  And if you have a piece of furniture at home that needs a makeover… I’m telling you, she’s your woman!


These next several pictures are from a little boy’s room… and his mom found all of this furniture at Goodwill!!
I think I need to go to Goodwill more often… :-)

The top of the desk is a chalkboard! How cool is that??


And this is the piece that I was telling you was for sale.  How adorable would this be in a little girl’s room? With a cute chair it would be a perfect little desk for her!

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