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April 22, 2014

Rachel + Tony | Shell Island Resort | Wrightsville Beach, NC

The rain was threatening to fall all day long.  And even though a few drops of rain were felt here and there, the decision was made to keep the wedding outside, on the beach, with the ocean as the backdrop.  And thankfully, the rain held off!  Prayers were answered that for half an hour, we could sit outside and watch as Rachel and Tony pledged their lives to each other.  The only thing that seemed to get wet at all were the faces of friends and family from the tears of joy that streamed down our faces (yes, mine included!).

Rachel and Tony, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!  It was such an honor to join you guys in Wrightsville Beach to celebrate you right alongside your friends and family that traveled to be with you.  Everyone welcomed me in as if they’d known me all my life and that is truly a testament to who you guys are as a couple!  You both are so loved by the people around you and it was so easy to see the joy in everyone’s faces as you became husband and wife.  I hope you are enjoying Jamaica, the sun, and a well deserved vacation TOGETHER!  Much love, Sabrina

An extra huge thanks to Lauren Jolly Photography for stepping in to help me capture this wedding.  Couldn’t have done it without you, girl!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-101 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-102 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-103 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-104 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-105

Even with all the girls gathered in her room getting ready, Rachel stole a few moments to write her vows into a book for Tony.

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-106 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-107 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-108 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-109 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-110 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-111

Her grandfather passed away several years ago and her grandmother wasn’t able to be at the wedding, but she still carried a piece of each of them with her down the aisle.  In her dress was stitched a piece of her grandfather’s favorite shirt.  And around the stem of her bouquet was a necklace her grandfather had given her grandmother once upon a time.

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-112 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-113 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-114

Lauren was able to spend some time with the guys as they finished getting ready and before Rachel and Tony’s first look.  I love these!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-115 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-116

Oh goodness… the tears had already started (for all three of us) before this moment.  The First Look is the only time on a wedding day that a bride and groom get a chance to be alone.  Together.  In the quiet of the day before things get going.  And it’s always such an honor to be able to capture these precious moments with my camera.

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-117 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-118 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-119 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-120

You don’t get to hug like this when you walk down the aisle…

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-121 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-122 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-123 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-124

The skies were overcast, but that allowed us to go anywhere we wanted and holy cow did the colors in the flowers pop!  Theresa of Bella Florals did such an incredible job!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-125 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-126


This wedding party was SO much fun, so easy going and so easy to work with!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-128 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-129 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-130 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-131 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-132

And the ring bearer??  He came close to stealing the show that day!


Oh my goodness, ladies… so beautiful!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-134 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-135

We stole a few minutes outside before the ceremony to get a few portraits of Rachel.  Even with a few drops of rain, Rachel knew portraits outside would look the best!
Elizabeth of Enchanting Looks did such an incredible job with hair and makeup… for all the girls!


And then it was time…

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-137 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-138 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-139 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-140 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-141 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-142 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-143 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-144 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-145 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-146 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-147 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-148 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-149

They’re MARRIED!!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-150 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-151 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-152 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-153

The flowers and colors were so amazing!!  And her grandmother’s necklace around Rachel’s bouquet was perfection.

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-154 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-155 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-156

Rachel, you are so beautiful and you have such a timeless look.  I could just photograph you all day long!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-157 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-158

This one is definitely a favorite!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-159 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-160 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-161 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-162 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-163 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-164 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-165

I didn’t realize it at first, but the design on the cake was similar to the lace on Rachel’s dress.  So amazing to me!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-166 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-167 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-168 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-169 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-170 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-171

These two spent a few weeks taking dance lessons for their first dance and it was so elegant and so well done!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-172 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-173 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-174 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-175 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-176 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-177

Remember how I said this little guy almost stole the show that day?  Well, he definitely did on the dance floor!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-178 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-179 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-180 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-181 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-182 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-183 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-184 Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-185

Congrats again, you two!!

Wrightsville-Beach-Wedding-186 Many thanks to such an awesome team of people who made the day perfection:
Wedding Ceremony & Reception | Shell Island Resort
Wedding Coordinator | Meredith Swicegood
Dress | Dimitra Designs
Bridesmaids | David’s Bridal
Men’s Suits | Pierro’s Formal Wear
Hair & Makeup Artist | Enchanting Looks
Florals | Bella Florals by Theresa
Wedding Cake | Imaginary Cakes
Catering | Shell Island Resort
DJ | Jason of Active DJ Entertainment
Officiant | Reverand Penelope Morningstar
Violinist | Maura Kropke
Ceremony Rentals | Beachside Occasions

  1. You do incredible work, Sabrina! These photos are all incredibly stunning. You have a talent for capturing romance – all the photos look so romantic. I’m happy I had the pleasure of working with you!

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