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July 2, 2013

Margaret + Will | Grace Church Downtown | Thornblade Club

As she sat in the chair having her hair done, one of her bridesmaids asked her if it felt real yet.  All she could do was smile and shake her head no.  Because this day?  This day was a dream coming true as it unfolded piece by piece.  And by the time her mom put the veil on her head, the tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at herself  in the mirror.  She was the bride. This was her day.  And she was marrying the love of her life, the one God had planned for her long ago.

He walked over to the aisle to watch her dad walk her down.  And even with all the laughter and joking around that the morning had brought, nothing could interrupt this moment of seeing his bride for the first time.  The tears came and he only tried to stop them once.  Because this day?  This day was a dream come true as it unfolded piece by piece.

The church erupted with applause and cheers as Margaret and Will were introduced as husband and wife this past Saturday at Grace Church Downtown.  And when I say erupted, I mean EVERYONE was clapping and cheering!  This couple was surrounded by so much love this weekend that I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by it myself.  But if you know them at all, it’s no surprise.  These two are always thinking of others… which is simply Christ radiating from them.  On several occasions, (on THEIR wedding day!), they both told me (individually and together) that I was doing a good job.  They took those moments to step outside of themselves to encourage me… a paid vendor on their wedding day!  But as another person said – who had received the same encouragement – this is who they are.  They’re the kind of people that are continually looking outside of themselves and blessing others and glorifying God.  And people can’t help but be drawn to them because of that!

Margaret and Will… wow.  Your wedding day was nothing but a blessing to us.  Yes, it was an honor to capture your day for you, but I feel like we came home a stronger couple because of who you guys are.  I hope you’re having such an amazing time in Antigua and soaking up the sun and your uninterrupted time with each other!  Much love, Sabrina

She would give me these glances during the day… always with a smile on her face!

This dress became so special.  Margaret bought it Burlington, NC but her mom did all of the alterations –
including removing the lace at the bottom to hem it then putting it back on, to adding the lace straps at the top, to making her veil!  Laura is one talented mom!!

The gorgeous flowers were done by the talented Caroline Harden.

This was when her tears welled up.

I’m always so thankful to shoot with my husband… even more so when I find images like these!
Will was looking quite dapper and Ben captured him perfectly.

And this is when my tears came.
I’m not sure what it was, but as everyone left the room and I sat Margaret down… and before I could get my camera up, the tears overwhelmed me!

Margaret’s bridesmaids, honoraries, and flower girls looked GORGEOUS in their teal and grey!

Her necklace was made from her grandmother’s wedding band and anniversary ring.  How beautiful is that??

Margaret, you are gorgeous.

Will’s groomsmen, ushers and ring bearers complimented him quite well, don’t you think?

His groomsmen…

And the ushers.

And this jacket?  It should be a must for every male Clemson grad!

So, so beautiful.

Will Plonk – the minister – had them turn around to see all of their family and friends who had come to support them.  I love that he did this!

Gosh, I love this church…


Gah!  Love this one!

I told you earlier about her glances at me during the day…!  So adorable, Margaret!!

My perspective…

Ben’s perspective.

And these photos by the bus station?  I’m completely smitten with them.

Most amazing (and a bit goofy) wedding party ever.  Thank you guys for being so wonderful!!

It was still a while before the sun set, but the light was perfect for a few portraits at the church… with just the two of them.

We then headed to the Thornblade Club for dinner, dancing and more dancing!

Um, I love this.  And strawberry???  The best!

Just to round out this southern wedding, their first dance was a shag to It’s Alright by Huey Lewis and the News!

Did I mention that Margaret’s mom also made the cake??
The cake topper was from Will’s parents’ wedding – love it!

They chose to do all the first dances and cake cutting first so everyone could spend the rest of the time dancing… and boy did they!  The dance floor was packed the entire night!

Thanks to Will & Justin for keeping the music going and the party hopping!

We snuck out at dusk for a few portraits and I’m so glad we did!

We had a quick round of C-L-E-M in Cadence Count…

Just before Margaret and Will’s bubble departure!

Ceremony | Grace Church Downtown
Reception | Thornblade Club
Dress | Burlington, NC
Bridesmaids | by Alfred Sung
Groomsmen | JosA Banks
Hair & Makeup | Ivy Welborn (friend), Zoey Kernodle (sister in law)
Flowers | Caroline Harden
Wedding Cake | Laura Kernodle
Coordinators | Kristen Belflower & Leigh Allison Kelley
DJ | Will & Justin
Catering | Thornblade Club

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