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October 24, 2014

The Growing Baby Bump…

All I can think of when I think of this baby girl growing inside of me is that it’s just weird.  It’s definitely a miracle and we are SO thankful for this little one and how smooth this pregnancy has gone.  But the fact that I am growing a human right now is just weird.  Good weird, but weird.

And while I’m being honest… it’s been hard getting used to all of these odd changes that happen with my body during pregnancy.  The biggest one (obviously) is that there is a baby bump that prohibits me from moving/going/doing as easily as I’m used to.  One turn too quickly and some muscle or ligament screams at me in protest.  And my bending over days are almost over too.  Good thing squats are a regular thing at crossfit because I’m prepped and ready to be doing plenty of that from now until February!

Baby Catherine has been moving a lot more recently too!  Ben was even able to feel her kick one night last week.  But again, it’s just weird.  She and I are having regular conversations about lots of things, but one of them is about her being gentle instead of flat out poking mommy in the stomach (as she did during some portraits at Sunday’s wedding!).  She’s definitely more active when things are going on… when music is being played, when Ben and I are talking and laughing… although she is usually up and at ’em in the evenings when we’ve finished dinner and are just hanging out.  There are a few times during the day when I’ll forget that I’m pregnant but it’s about that time that she starts moving around to remind me that she’s definitely in there!

It’s also strange to think that after 35 years (as of Sunday!), I’m going to be a mom (in about 4 months).  Every once in a while I’ll look at Ben and say, “We’re going to be parents.  PARENTS!” and I’ll have a freak out moment.  But it’s the times that I’m sitting alone and reading or praying that God gives me peace over all of this like only He can.  It’s almost like when we got married and it was just as wonderful and a bit scary because it was something my heart had desired for SO long and it seemed like all of a sudden… it was here.  It’s just surreal!  Almost 3 years ago, I was walking down the aisle to pledge my life to the most amazing man and it’s like we’re there again.  Only this time we’ll be walking into a hospital to bring this amazing baby girl into the world.

And truth be told… all weird pregnancy symptoms and pains and everything else aside… I can’t wait.  Because it’s going to be amazing.

We’ve been mostly good at getting weekly photos… so here’s the collection from mid-summer until last week (we are hoping to get week 23’s photo this morning!).  Some days I feel like I look about 10 weeks ahead of where I am, but I just keep reminding myself that every baby and every mom is different.  I’ve been wanting to show for a long time and I’m definitely showing now!  So I’m doing my best to just soak it all in :-)


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  1. Mommy says:

    It’s so exciting at this stage. I’m thankful for your sake that you are going to be your biggest during the winter. It’s so much easier to breathe in the cold rather than the stifling hot and humid weather. As our baby’s other grandmother, I can’t wait to be there for when Catherine Marie arrives. Know that her Grandpapi and Grandmami are praying everyday for her and for you and for Ben as new parents. We love you! Have a very happy birthday on Sunday! HUGS!

  2. Shellie says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! SOOOOOO excited for you!!! Happy Birthday on Sunday!

  3. Nada says:

    I’m so happy for you guys! Having a baby is the single most dynamic life changed for a woman. Motherhood challenges your body and mind to use every skill you’ve ever learned, conjure up all knowledge from your childhood experiences to present and be creative enough to outwit a child’s logic. It’s heart-breaking, exhausting, gross, smelly and absolutely amazing all at once!

    Remember to pick your battles, especially with girls. Ben, the best advice I can share is realize that when something is bothering Catherine, sometimes it is best to just let her and Sabrina cry it out together. Don’t feel left out or jealous as she will come to you for a tickle fight or looking for you to be her best buddy when she’s done. Have the tea party set up and ready to go ;). Being able to express her emotions and trust you will hear her out builds a strong relationship.

    That sweet infant-to-4-year-old innocence is gone way to quickly. Cherish it and take lots of pictures for you all to share as she ages. My daughter loves going through my old photos and hearing stories of her childhood. Love her more and more every day and she will love you to the moon and back :). Best wishes to you all. Sabrina, happy birthday and you look amazing!!!!

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