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October 17, 2012

The Plant That Never Dies

When I was rooming with my friend Lindsay several years ago, she had this plant that she claimed would never die.  We weren’t always the best at keeping it watered, but even if it had been ages and it was drooping from our neglect and lack of water and looked like it was on its last legs, we would water it and would come back to life.  No lie.  So, when she was gone or visiting friends or whatever, it was my job to keep the plants watered.  Luckily with this one, I had almost zero chance of killing it.  Win!!  (Is it really a win if you have almost no chance of losing??)

Anyway, she gave me a plant of my own, of the same type, and I almost immediately went out to purchase this cute red planter for it.  That was at least 6 years ago… maybe 7.  And it’s still alive!  The other bonus, is that this plant has several children.  Three to be exact.  See, if you clip off one of its leaves with enough of a stem, put it in water and wait for a root to grow, you can plant it and it’ll grow and entirely new plant!  It’s amazing.

So, I decided to take a piece of the plant and take it to work to add to another plant I had.  Well, the rest of the other plant died (hey, I’d kept it alive for two whole years!)… and I had these cute glass globe/vases from the wedding sitting at my office at work.  So I took the dirt from the other plant, put my little plant in this and holy tamoly… it’s grown the largest leaves ever!  It might have something to do with sitting by the window, but who knows.  My “green thumb” is actually more of a turquoise than green so it’s really only because it’s The Plant That Never Dies that I’ve been able to keep it going at all.

The fun part about these plants though is that they make me think of Lindsay and our friendship and living together after college while all of our friends were getting married and wondering when our princes would come.  We had SO much fun back in the day. And when life throws a curve ball here and there, these plants are a reminder that it’s just temporary.  As much as we may droop and feel neglected, God is still working.  We just might need a little water, some TLC, and some (or a lot of) time to get up and going again.

I hope today isn’t a droopy day for you, but if it is, hang in there!  And get one of these plants… I promise, as long as you water it at least once every couple of months, it’ll live forever.  And there’s nothing like boosting your confidence than keeping a plant alive!  And if it does die, I’ll make you a new one :-)

  1. Dayna says:

    What kind of plant is it? The only thing I can keep alive is a snake plant. My plant is actually a baby off of a plant someone gave my mom when I was born. She gave me the shoot off of it when Maggie was born and I’ve kept it alive for 5.5 years now! I still cant believe her plant has been alive almost 33 years. I love how things like plants can help us to remember and tell our stories. Thanks for sharing yours today.

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