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March 8, 2013

United 2013 | Yacht Shoot

Oh my heavens.  Each time we talk about Santa Barbara, we (BOTH of us) seem to get this dreamy sound to our voices.  It’s just beautiful out there!  I’m sure some of it has to do with the extra Vitamin D we probably got from being in the sun while we were there (after leaving rainy skies here in SC).  Whatever it was though, California seems to have a bit of a pull on us and we get SO excited about any prospect of heading back out there (hint hint to anyone that needs to photographers to head over!).  And going back through these photos from the yacht shoot only solidified my new love for the sunshine state.

There were almost 40 different shoots that were offered while we were at United.  Anything from the sunrise trash the dress shoot, to an off-camera lighting engagement session, to an underwater shoot.  Yes, under WATER!  And (bless them) it happened in the morning and in a pool that wasn’t heated.  I’m not sure who the models were that did that session, but they deserve an award for jumping in that super cold water!  The awesome thing about all of these shoots though is that about 35 of them were organized and put on by Showiteers that were simply attending United.  YES!  They weren’t paid, they weren’t compensated, and some of them even paid models or paid for props out of their own pockets… all because they wanted to share what they’ve learned and serve others of us there by teaching what they know!  It blows me away that we get to be a part of such a community as this.  And I’m SO very grateful.

The other shoots that were offerred were organized by Showit and they included a yacht shoot, a vineyard shoot and an estate shoot.  Believe me, it was a super tough decision because from what I’ve seen, ALL of these were amazing.  But, Ben and I weighed our options and decided that the boat was calling our names.  We figured that since we live fairly close to Charleston, that it would be possible to have an opportunity like this, but we wanted some experience first.  And oh my word, now that we’ve done it once, I’m DYING to shoot on a boat again! (hint hint…!)  I just want to give a HUGE thank you to Stacy Childers and Josh Newton for organizing and heading up this shoot.  Stacy has done a lot of stuff on the water and I’ve been following her for a while now.  She’s so sweet and so down to earth and so stinking talented!  Josh is crazy talented and, like everyone else last week, was SO willing to share what he knows and help others with any questions they had.  Like I said, we are so blessed to be a part of this Showit community.

So (finally!), enjoy some of my favorites from our last night in Santa Barbara last week.

Isn’t she just lovely??

Love these two also…

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo

I still can’t really believe we were there.

But I do have proof!

“We’re on a boat!”

A boat full of awesome photographers in California in amazing weather with another boat full of super fun and beautiful models?  Yes, please!

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo

And then we saw sea lions.  Apparently it’s normal out there!

I ADORE this one.

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo

So thankful for one of my fellow Nikon shooters for letting me borrow her 70-200 lens for some of these shots.

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo Santa Barbara Boat model photo Santa Barbara Boat model photo

Yes, this was real life.  If only for a day :-)

And then Dave and Brittany came out.  We had the pleasure of sitting next to them at dinner on Monday night and they are SO fun and super adorable.

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo

And she has SUCH a great laugh!

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo

Be. Still. My. Heart.

Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo Santa Barbara Boat Wedding photo

I’ve been trying to figure out where we can hang this in our house and I’m open to suggestions!

The bearded Josh Newton (he has since shaved – but not before he had some fun with his mustache and some mustache wax).

So beautiful.

Santa Barbara Boat model photo

I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love this photo but I can’t stop looking at it.

Santa Barbara Boat engagement photo Santa Barbara Boat engagement photo Santa Barbara Boat model photo

It’s just…



  1. Taylor says:

    Oh my goodness, Sabrina! I LOVE your pictures. I, too, love the picture with the boat coming at the camera. I think it is such a different perspective than you normally see and there is such action in the shot; I feel like the boat is moving at me. You and Ben are so talented! Thanks for sharing your work :)

  2. Dayna says:

    Sabrina – these are great! The photo you want to put in the house is awesome. I think you should crop it so it is really long horizontally. My screen cropped it when I was scrolling so the blue water, mountains, and sky were divided into even thirds and it looked really cool. Just an idea. I am sure it would look awesome in your house. And if not I will print it for mine – just send me a hi-res image! Hahaha.

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