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December 31, 2014

2014 Favorites | Behind the Scenes

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that today is the last day of 2014.  It has been quite a year but I know that this coming year will be even more amazing… mostly due to the fact that once midnight rolls around, we’ll be able to say things like, “We’re having a baby this year!!”  It’s so crazy!

It has been so much fun going through our weddings to post some of my favorites from the year and this post is no different!  I have LOVED seeing our friends in the photography industry post their behind the scenes posts these last couple of weeks.  Wedding days are so amazing because we get to capture a couple on the happiest day of their life and I love getting to show you each beautiful wedding throughout the year!

But these photos, the ones of Ben and me working (or being light testers), usually stay tucked away in a folder on my computer.  However, there were some gems from this year that need to be shared!  Some are incredibly embarrassing (I really don’t know what kind of expression is on my face half the time!) and some are just really funny (like when someone is behind me and their hands in the air make it look like I have bunny ears).  So, here’s a peek into what a wedding day looks like from our side of the camera!

Obviously this is my “I’m a southern girl and don’t know what to do with all of this cold white fluffy stuff” face.

2014BehindTheScenes-101 2014BehindTheScenes-102 2014BehindTheScenes-103

Kristin and David acted like the cold was no.big.deal… while I acted like we were all about to freeze to death!

2014BehindTheScenes-104 2014BehindTheScenes-105

These bridesmaids were SUCH troopers standing in the snow in their dresses!!

2014BehindTheScenes-106 2014BehindTheScenes-107

Probably my favorite light-testing photos yet!



Sometimes I play baby whisperer at receptions.
Totally kidding, she was already asleep :-)


Getting the details.


Can you find Ben in here??

2014BehindTheScenes-112 2014BehindTheScenes-113 2014BehindTheScenes-114 2014BehindTheScenes-115 2014BehindTheScenes-116

I’m very serious when it comes to instructing my couples on how to cut their cake.


Guests tend to shed their shoes at the reception.  We mostly keep ours on!

2014BehindTheScenes-118 2014BehindTheScenes-119 2014BehindTheScenes-120

And if you didn’t know, I’m also a profession boutonniere putter-on person.


Apparently, I also do this bendy thing when I photograph.  Clearly I don’t think I’m short enough already…

2014BehindTheScenes-122 2014BehindTheScenes-123

Clearly I like to raise my hand and make promises to the bridesmaids that even the bride doesn’t believe ;-)

2014BehindTheScenes-124 2014BehindTheScenes-125 2014BehindTheScenes-126

Even though I look it, I promise I wasn’t angry here!


Haha!  Two of my favorite photos… I don’t know that we could have done this again if we tried!

2014BehindTheScenes-128 2014BehindTheScenes-129

Oh mercy… my hair!  I really should look in a mirror before walking into a reception!

2014BehindTheScenes-130 2014BehindTheScenes-131 2014BehindTheScenes-132

Bout professional right here…


You can tell they were so interested in what I had to say ;-)


At least the girls were paying attention!


I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how many of these next two photos (in these same spots) we have of each other…

2014BehindTheScenes-136 2014BehindTheScenes-137 2014BehindTheScenes-138

When being my light tester, sometimes he smiles, sometimes he makes faces, sometimes he gives me a look and a low-key thumbs up.

2014BehindTheScenes-139 2014BehindTheScenes-140

And now I know what I look like with bunny ears!


I actually really like this one of us :-)


Remember when I wasn’t 33 weeks pregnant and could bend down like this so easily??


There’s my bendy move again!

2014BehindTheScenes-144 2014BehindTheScenes-145

Some wedding parties just don’t get my jokes… it’s ok guys.  Really.

2014BehindTheScenes-146 2014BehindTheScenes-147

Maybe for the weekends we don’t have weddings, I could offer my services as an assistant just to pin the bouts on the guys!

2014BehindTheScenes-148 2014BehindTheScenes-149 2014BehindTheScenes-150

Crouching Tiger, hidden Sabrina.

2014BehindTheScenes-151 2014BehindTheScenes-152


Not only is he really good at being a light tester, he’s great at holding the off-camera flash too!

2014BehindTheScenes-154 2014BehindTheScenes-155

Ah!  I look like I’m shooting daggers at the make-up artist!   Kinda scary, Sabrina…


It looks like I was the only guest at the wedding… and was really worried about it!

2014BehindTheScenes-157 2014BehindTheScenes-158 2014BehindTheScenes-159 2014BehindTheScenes-160

Seems I wanted to try and catch the garter too… but the guys in the blue shirts are all, “Don’t even think about it!”


And sometimes I get to take a few photos of my husband doing HIS thing!

2014BehindTheScenes-162 2014BehindTheScenes-163

No Rony, look THIS way!


I’m pretty sure I was just concentrating REALLY hard on pinning those flowers on…


Oh my heavens… God gave me SUCH a handsome husband!!

2014BehindTheScenes-166 2014BehindTheScenes-167

LOL!  This one cracks me up!

2014BehindTheScenes-168 2014BehindTheScenes-169

Ben suggested the shot on the right but I had to show you how much he suffers as he helps me with these detail photos!


Oh my gosh, I must have been doing something crazy… all three of them are looking at me like I’ve lost my mind!

2014BehindTheScenes-171 2014BehindTheScenes-172

Occasionally we play in traffic…


Oh my gosh, I look like I’m about to have a melt down!!

2014BehindTheScenes-174 2014BehindTheScenes-175 2014BehindTheScenes-176 2014BehindTheScenes-177

Light tester AND glow stick tester!

2014BehindTheScenes-178 2014BehindTheScenes-179

Every once in a while the grooms look to Ben for help from whatever it is I’m putting them through ;-)

2014BehindTheScenes-180 2014BehindTheScenes-181

His facial expressions crack me up!


I’m so thankful that I get to work with my favorite person.  And we are so excited about all that 2015 has in store for us!

  1. Mary says:

    Love the thumbs up…I’m sure it comes at just the right times when you you need a subtle reminder that “you got this!” Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

  2. Mommy says:

    That was so much fun! I love seeing you at your work together. You do such a great job and you both are so professional at your work. I love how you love what you do!

  3. Melissa says:

    This is such a fun post and all your comments make it even more fun!

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