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January 26, 2016

2015 Favorites | Engagement Photos

These posts of my favorites from the year usually come at the end of December as a way to wrap things up and say a huge thank you to my couples!  However, this past December was the busiest (in a good way!) that I’d seen in a really long time.  And it seems that January has been that way too since it’s almost February!

But regardless of when this post is going up, I just wanted to take a look back at last year and say a HUGE thank you to 15 of my amazing couples!  I say it all the time, but I am beyond blessed to be able to do this as my career.  These couples that I have the honor of photographing welcome me into their lives unlike any other vendor as I photograph their engagement, sometimes a bridal session, and then spend their entire wedding day with them.

Which is why these engagement sessions are so important.  It gives me time with each couple before their big day where we don’t have the pressures of a timeline and I get to learn how they work together as a couple and they get to see how I work behind my camera.  And it’s actually quite amazing because when I do arrive on their wedding day, they don’t bat an eye that I’m there and have a camera pointed at them all day long.

So, enough rambling.  I had a lot of favorites from the year, but I hope you enjoy a peek back at some of my favorites!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-101 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-102 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-103 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-104 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-105 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-106 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-107 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-108 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-109 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-110 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-111 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-112

Oh how I love proposals!!  And I was able to capture TWO this year!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-113 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-114 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-115 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-116 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-117 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-118 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-119 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-120 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-121 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-122 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-123

Amy and Andrew’s engagement session was the one where we literally got eaten alive by mosquitos… but it was 1000% worth it!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-124 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-125 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-126

This is one of my top favorites… Susie has the best laugh!!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-127 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-128 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-129 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-130 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-131 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-132 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-133 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-134 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-135 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-136 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-137

Shooting at the downtown airport in the cold and drizzly rain was so much fun!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-138 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-139 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-140

Ah!  I still love this one!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-141 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-142 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-143 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-144 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-145

There were many jokes about how angry Kyle looked in this photo, but thankfully Clemson ended up winning when we played NC State last year ;-)

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-146 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-147 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-148

The rain last fall was plentiful and this umbrella got lots of camera time because of it!

2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-149 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-150 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-151 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-152 2015-SabrinaFields-Favorite-Engagement-Photos-153

Kayla and Nick’s proposal was such a sweet way to wrap up my engagements for the year…

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/kayla-nick View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/kayla-nick View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/kayla-nick

Here’s to love and promises of forever in 2016…

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